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Xiangsong Meng, Sultan Ahmed Khoso, Jiangqiu Wu, Mengjie Tian, Jianhua Kang, Hang Liu, Qingpeng Zhang, Wei Sun, Yuehua Hu, Efficient COD reduction from sulfide minerals processing wastewater using Fenton process, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 132, 2019

Daniella González, Yun Liu, Denys Villa Gomez, Gordon Southam, Sabrina Hedrich, Pedro Galleguillos, Camila Colipai, Ivan Nancucheo, Performance of a sulfidogenic bioreactor inoculated with indigenous acidic communities for treating an extremely acidic mine water, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 131, 2019

Juan I. Langlois, Aldo Cipriano, Dynamic modeling and simulation of tailing thickener units for the development of control strategies, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 131, 2019

A. Abadías Llamas, A. Valero Delgado, A. Valero Capilla, C. Torres Cuadra, M. Hultgren, M. Peltomäki, A. Roine, M. Stelter, M.A. Reuter, Simulation-based exergy, thermo-economic and environmental footprint analysis of primary copper production, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 131, 2019

Thiago da Silva Ribeiro, Caroline Dias Grossi, Antonio Gutiérrez Merma, Brunno Ferreira dos Santos, Maurício Leonardo Torem, Removal of boron from mining wastewaters by electrocoagulation method: Modelling experimental data using artificial neural networks, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 131, 2019

Cristian Reyes, Matías Álvarez, Christian F. Ihle, Matías Contreras, Willy Kracht, The influence of seawater on magnetite tailing rheology, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 131, 2019

Fei Wang, David Dreisinger, Mark Jarvis, Tony Hitchins, Kinetics and mechanism of mineral carbonation of olivine for CO2 sequestration, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 131, 2019

Xiaoping Wang, Tichang Sun, Shichao Wu, Chao Chen, Jue Kou, Chengyan Xu, A novel utilization of Bayer red mud through co-reduction with a limonitic laterite ore to prepare ferronickel, Journal of Cleaner Production, Vol. 216, 2019

Tom Lorenz, Martin Bertau, Recycling of rare earth elements from FeNdB-Magnets via solid-state chlorination, Journal of Cleaner Production, Vol. 215, 2019

Sung-Yong Cho, Tae-Young Kim, Pan-Pan Sun, Recovery of silver from leachate of silicon solar cells by solvent extraction with TOPO, Separation and Purification Technology, Vol. 215, 2019

Feifan Li, Mengjun Chen, Jianchen Shu, Mehran Shirvani, Yungui Li, Zhi Sun, Shuhui Sun, ZhongHui Xu, Kaibin Fu, Shu Chen, Copper and gold recovery from CPU sockets by one-step slurry electrolysis, Journal of Cleaner Production, Vol. 213, 2019

Marco Diani, Antonio Pievatolo, Marcello Colledani, Ettore Lanzarone, A comminution model with homogeneity and multiplication assumptions for the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment recycling industry, Journal of Cleaner Production, Vol. 211, 2019

J. Qin, X. Cui, H. Yan, W. Lu, C. Lin, Active treatment of acidic mine water to minimize environmental impacts in a densely populated downstream area, Journal of Cleaner Production, Vol. 210, 2019



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