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Papers from the conference are published in Volume 16 Number 11, a special Froth Flotation issue of Minerals Engineering journal. Download papers from this special issue from ScienceDirect.

Published Papers:

Liquid overflow from a column of rising aqueous froth
P.Stevenson, C. Stevanov, G.J. Jameson

CDFD Modelling of bubble-particle collision rates and efficiencies in a flotation cell
P.T.K. Koh, M.P. Schwarz

Level Control strategies for flotation cells
P. Kampjarvi, S.L. Jamsa-Jounela

The use of biosurfactants in flotation: application for the removal of metal ions
A.I. Zouboulis, K.A. Matis, N.K. Lazaridis, P.N. Golyshin

Evaluation of control performance: methods, monitoring tool and applications in a flotation plant
S.L. Jamsa-Jounela, R. Poikonen, N. Vatanski, A. Rantala

Monitoring the composition of water of flotation slurries with an on-line analyser
S. Luukkanen, P. Parvinen, M. Miettinen, P. Sten, S. Lahteenmaki, A. Tuikka

Gas dispersion measurements in a flotation cell
R.A. Grau, K. Heiskanen

Jameson cell fundamentals - a revised perspective
G. Harbort, S. de Bono, D. Carr, V. Lawson

Supasim: A flotation plant design and analysis methodology
M.P. Hay, C.M. Rule

Dynamic froth stability in froth flotation
N. Barbian, E. Ventura-Medina, J.J. Cilliers

Adsorption of starch, amylose, amylopectin and glucose monomer and their effect on the flotation of hematitie and quarts
S. Pavlovic, P.R.G. Brandao

Simple relationships for predicting the recovery of liquid from flowing foams and froths
S.J. Neethling, H.T. Lee, J.J. Cilliers

The Use of flotation techniques in the remediation of heavy metal contaminated sediments and soils: an overview of controlling factors
M. Vanthuyne, A. Maes, P. Cauwenberg

Influence of gas flow rate and frothers on water recovery in a froth column
A.V. Nguyen, P.A. Harvey, G.J. Jameson

The interaction of flash flotation with closed circuit grinding
S. Mackinnon, D. Yan, R. Dunne

Investigations of alkylmorpholines - collectors for a new halite flotation process
S. Titkov, R. Sabirov, N. Panteleeva

Hydrophobic aggregation of aluminia in surfactant solution
Hu Yuehua, D. Jingping

A study of Bubble-particle interaction using atomic force microscopy
A.V. Nguyen, J Nalaskowski, J.D. Miller

Froth delineation based on image classification
W. Wang, F. Bergholm

Study on the flotation behaviour of low energy materials at low surface tensions
V. Kirjavainen, H. Lehto, K. Heiskanen

Froth recovery measurement in plant scale flotation cells
D.J. Alexander, J.F. Franzidis, E.V. Manlapig

Development of a method for separation of PVC and PET using flame treatment and flotation
R.D. Pascoe B. O'Connell

The effect of grinding conditions on the flotation of a sulphide copper ore
K.L.C. Goncalves, V.L.L. Andrade, A.E.C. Peres

The selective flotation of arsenopyrite from pyrite
B. Tapley, D. Yan

Electrokinetic behavior and flotation of Kaolinite in CTAB solution
Y. Hu, J. Hao, D. Wan

Garpenberg- an old concentrator at peak performance
N.J. Bolin, P. Brodin P. Lampinen



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