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MEI Online: Froth Flotation: Latest News: March 6th 2014


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:: P260G - Flotation Technology


The proposal for the next iteration of the P260 series of projects will be circulated to potential sponsors within a month and will follow on the 25 year tradition of successful innovation in flotation technology.

AMIRA International's P260 series of flotation projects commenced in 1988 at the University of South Australia, and was sponsored by 17 companies. The major focus of the P260 programme has been the investigation of all aspects of base metal sulphide flotation, expanding to gold, and more recently to phosphate and other value ores. A key feature of the research has been a understanding of pulp and surface chemistry under processing conditions, as well as the mechanisms underpinning the sub-processes of bubble-particle collision, attachment and detachment in flotation.

Research comprises a combination of physical chemistry and engineering, aiming at optimum value recovery and selectivity. Copper flotation in a variety of ore types and deposits (Cu/Pb/Zn, Cu/Au, Cu/Mo, etc.) has been a constant theme in the project, encompassing research for operations on four continents.

Based on industry feedback P260G will offer a range of focus areas for investigation, including:

  • Delivery of ore/site specific solutions to processing problems in parallel with research on process mechanisms
  • Selectivity in sulphide mineral flotation (pulp chemistry, reagents, saline and marginal waters, sulphide and non-sulphide gangue depression, oxidised ores). Cu/Mo, Cu/Au, Zn/Pb, Ni, PGM - Py, Po, NSG depression, As rejection and/or control
  • Regrind/Cleaning and flotation at fine sizes, with strategies for rejection of hydrophobic (e.g. activated Py, Po and NSG) and newly-liberated gangue
  • Early gangue rejection (flotation at coarser grind - classification, desliming, reagents)
  • Introduction, development and assessment of new unit technologies
  • Hybrid/mixed processing (flotation of leach residues, physical separation/flotation, differential milling/classification/flotation, aggregation/flotation)
  • Non-sulphide minerals flotation, e.g. phosphate, Li (spodumene), graphite, iron ore, REO’s (including from tailings) and other oxides.
  • Further development of the fundamental Wark Flotation Model into a modelling and simulation tool for practical use
  • Spectroscopy-microscopy (e.g. surface analysis-QEMSCAN) correlation and merging, and advanced, outcome-based statistical treatment of technique/unit operation/plant data
  • Development of useful characterisation tools (on-line and off-line), methods and protocols for use at sponsors operations and by sponsor personnel
  • Training of high-quality post-graduates who are research-minded, outcome-focussed and have understanding of industry drivers.




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