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MEI Online: Froth Flotation: Latest News: July 5th 2007


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:: Eurus Mineral Consultants Develops KinCalcTM, the Flotation Kinetics Calculator and Organiser

KinCalcTM is an automated flotation kinetics calculator and data organiser geared to processing and storing large sets of rate test data in excel format.

An Import Wizard automatically imports data (test results and conditions etc) by identifying the cells and range of cells where the data occurs. The import format can be customised for any arrangement of data in an excel worksheet/spreadsheet including multiple data sheets per worksheet and multiple worksheets per file. The program can also be set-up to handle the importation and processing of multiple files in a folder. A maximum of ten analytes may be imported per data set.

The Import Wizard incorporates character recognition and a facility to store an array of analyte alias names; for example PGM, PGMs, PGM+Au, PGM&Au, PGM/Au and typographical errors including spaces between letters can be set-up to be recognised as an assay for Platinum Group Metals (PGMs).

Once data is imported, KinCalcTM calculates flotation kinetics and key kinetic ratios based on Kelsall’s two component equation, generates recovery/grade/mass/time graphs, produces summary tables suitable for a report and stores all data in either Access or SQL. From here searches can be set up to collate all data according to requirements such as ore type, process stream, reagent type, grind, test date…. etc. The data can be dumped into excel for data mining or statistical processing.

Kinetics can be calculated manually via a sub-program called ScrollCalcTM by varying scroll bars set-up for each kinetic parameter and visually matching calculated recovery/grade/mass/time curves with measured test data points.

Functions are all activated by icons including a one-touch generation of correlation coefficient tables and histograms for sets of kinetics.

To date a 5 user version has been purchased by Anglo Platinum and a single user version by Barrick, Canada.




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