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MEI Online: Froth Flotation: Latest News: July 8th 2008


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:: Eriez® Introduces StackCell Next-Generation Flotation Technology

New Technology Offers Advantages over Column Flotation and Conventional Cells

Eriez® has introduced its new, StackCell advanced flotation technology. According to Eriez, the new device will provide metallurgical results superior to conventional mechanical cells while offering benefits similar to that of column flotation cells.

Jaisen Kohmuench, Manager-R&D Process Group, explains, “Eriez developed this new flotation technology based on flotation fundamentals with an emphasis on: carrying capacity restrictions, circuit design for cell mixing, lower retention times and more efficient sparger design."

According to Kohmuench, Eriez flotation technology offers distinct advantages over column flotation and conventional cells. He says, “The efficiency of this flotation device surpasses that which can be achieved by other individual techniques or separators."

Major Advantages:

  • Improved sparging incorporating “pre-aeration” techniques
  • Lower required residence time
  • Significant drop in cell size (and both static and live loads)
  • Significant drop in horsepower
  • Uses low HP blower and not high HP compressors
  • Uses “wash water” and deep froths to provide column-like metallurgy
  • Can be easily incorporated into EXISTING installations for de-bottlenecking

Eriez has already received a purchase order for a three-stage unit to treat 45 tph. According to Eriez, it will be in operation at their customer’s facility by May 2008. Kohmuench explains that by utilizing StackCell in this application, the customer will enjoy many advantages that would not be possible with traditional units. He says, “Using column flotation technology, this would have required two 14-ft diameter by 28-ft tall cells with two compressors with the installed HP of at least 410 HP. The new three-stage device will treat the same material in less than half the volume, onethird the footprint and one-third the installed power." He goes on to say, “Results may be even more significant as these are conservative numbers."

This new Eriez technology is ideal for use in a wide variety of applications, including those involving fast floating coals or overloaded conventional cell circuits. To learn more about Eriez’ next-generation floatation technology, call toll-free (888) 300-ERIEZ (3743) within the U.S. and Canada. For online users, visit www.eriez.com or send e-mail to eriez@eriez.com.




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