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MEI Online: Froth Flotation: Latest News: April 26th 2011


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:: Jameson Cell - New Frontiers and 300 Cells!

With over 20 years of continuous development of the Jameson Cell since its commercialisation, Xstrata Technology has recently announced the sale of the 300th cell into Capcoal’s Lake Lindsay coal operation in the Bowen Basin. This is in addition to other recently announced coal projects using Jameson Cells including expansion projects for Wesfarmers’ Curragh and Gloucester Coal’s Stratford operations (both in Australia), Riversdales’ Benga Coal Project in Mozambique and Energy Resources’ Ukhaa Khudag coking coal project in Mongolia.

Le Huynh, Jameson Cell Manager at XT, said the interest in the Jameson Cell in coal preparation plants has remained strong, where operators needed dependable and reliable technology to treat fine coal, an important source of revenue for coal operators.

During 2010, the Jameson Cell business has also found success in other applications, including recovering organic from a copper raffinate stream at Xstrata-Anglo American’s Collahuasi copper SXEW plant in Chile.

Le said the consistent generation of very fine bubbles and the high intensity mixing in the Jameson Cell, was ideal for recovering very low concentrations of organic from raffinate streams, typically less than several hundred parts per million. High throughput in a small footprint, simple operation and extremely low maintenance due to no moving parts in the cell are distinct advantages in this application.

The cell is designed with features specific to suit such hydrometallurgy applications including specialist materials, a flat-bottomed flotation tank with integrated pump box and tailings recycle system, and large downcomers. This will be the first cell of its type to be operating in Chile, although there are many other large cells installed in SX-EW plants in Mexico, USA and Australia to treat both raffinate and electrolyte streams.

Jameson Cells are also finding keen interest in the industrial sector, in particular phosphate and potash producers. Le said a number of projects are in various stages of development using Jameson Cells, including an operation in Saskatchewan (Canada) that has chosen the Jameson Cell technology for cleaning. Base metals applications will also continue to grow this year, including expansions and new operations in Asia and Africa.




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