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Electrochemistry of Sulfides. Theory and Practice of Flotation
by V. A. Chanturiya, V. E. Vigdergauz
Moscow: Ore & Metals, 2009, 280 pages

The updated and expanded translation of the second Russian edition of “Electrochemistry of Sulfides” reflects the history and generalizes the experience of electrochemical studies in the field of sulfide flotation. The theory of control of flotation properties of sulfides based on the comprehensive study of physicochemical properties of sulfide mineral surface, thermodynamics of xanthate sorption, and the electrochemical aspects of mineral-collector interaction is developed. The kinetics and products of electrochemical reactions on the surface of sulfide minerals are analyzed. The potential ranges of xanthate sorption and desorption and optimal conditions of electrochemical treatment of pulp in the flotation of nonferrous metal ores are described. Electrocatalytic processes of oxygen reduction on sulfides are analyzed and the prospects for the catalytic oxidation of thiol collectors prior to flotation are shown. In new edition, by calculating the critical thickness of wetting film using the experimental values of induction time, the long-range character of attracting forces between the hydrophobic or hydrophobized sulfides and air bubble is shown. The ranges of action of electrostatic forces and the hydrophobic attracting forces are compared. Green electrochemical conditioning of pulp enables one to enhance the contrast of mineral properties. As a result, new procedures in the collective and selective flotation of polymetallic sulfide ores are realized. The book is intended for both university students and engineers engaged in the flotation and hydrometallurgy.

For contacts:
Prof. Dr. Vladinir Vigdergauz (vigderg@mail.ru)
"Ore and Metals" publishing house (rim@rudmet.ru)




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