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Full papers of hyperlinked titles can be downloaded via ScienceDirect.



E.R.L. Espiritu, K.E. Waters, Flotation studies of monazite and dolomite, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 116, 2018

Y.H. Tan, W. Zhang, J.A. Finch, Frother structure-property relationship: Effect of polyethylene glycols on bubble rise velocity, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 116, 2018

H. Oliveira, A. Azevedo, J. Rubio, Nanobubbles generation in a high-rate hydrodynamic cavitation tube, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 116, 2018

N. Sheni, K. Corin, J. Wiese, Considering the effect of pulp chemistry during flotation on froth stability, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 116, 2018

C. Li, L. Wang, Improved froth zone and collection zone recoveries of fine mineral particles in a flotation column with oscillatory air supply, Separation and Purification Technology, Vol. 193, 2018

M. Lu, D.H. Xie, W.H. Gui, L.H. Wu, C.Y. Chen, C.H. Yang, A cascaded recognition method for copper rougher flotation working conditions, Chemical Engineering Science, Vol. 175, 2018

W. Yin, J. Xue, D. Li, Q. Sun, J. Yao, S. Huang, Flotation of heavily oxidized pyrite in the presence of fine digenite particles, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 115, 2018

G.P.W. Suyantara, T. Hirajima, H. Miki, K. Sasaki, Floatability of molybdenite and chalcopyrite in artificial seawater, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 115, 2018

Y. Fu, C. Aldrich, Froth image analysis by use of transfer learning and convolutional neural networks, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 115, 2018

Q. Zhao, W. Liu, D. Wei, W. Wang, B. Cui, W. Liu, Effect of copper ions on the flotation separation of chalcopyrite and molybdenite using sodium sulfide as a depressant, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 115, 2018

C. Li, K. Runge, F. Shi, S. Farrokhpay, Effect of froth rheology on froth and flotation performance, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 115, 2018

D. Azizi, F. Larachi, Surface interactions and flotation behavior of calcite, dolomite and ankerite with alkyl hydroxamic acid bearing collector and sodium silicate, Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, Vol. 537, 2018

M. Sadigh, J.V. Mehrabani, Comparison of hydrocyclone and flotation ability in reduction of kaolin ore calcite, Applied Clay Science, Vol. 151, 2018

J. Yu, Y. He, Z. Ge, H. Li, W. Xie, S. Wang, A promising physical method for recovery of LiCoO2 and graphite from spent lithium-ion batteries: Grinding flotation, Separation and Purification Technology, Vol. 190, 2018




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