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MEI Online: General Minerals Engineering: Latest News: May 20th 2005


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:: Scholarships Up, No Tax to Pay - Good Times Ahead for Mining Industry Postgraduates

Itís been pretty good news all round for the average Australian Ďhip pocketí just lately. Personal income taxes are down and wages are up - good if youíre a worker.

But if you are out there earning a good income as a professional in the mining industry, for example, and you want to upgrade your skills with postgraduate study, it can be a hard call to take a pay cut to chase a three and a half year PhD.

The decision is largely economic, but the JKMRC - a world-leading minerals engineering research centre with The University of Queensland - has announced a scholarship scheme aimed at making the decision a lot easier.

The JKMRCís Education Manager Dr Dominic Howarth has announced a scholarship package worth up to A$40,000, with a base level of A$25,000, effective immediately for anyone gaining access into a Masters or PhD research program through UQís JK Centre based in Brisbane. And itís all tax free.

To encourage young professionals to upgrade their technical skills an additional A$3000 for each year of approved work experience prior to starting a postgraduate degree will be added to their base level scholarship up to a maximum of five years.

All scholarships are CPI indexed to keep up with the cost of living, and the JKMRC will pay all tuition fees for international students.

As Dr Howarth explained, the JKMRC has a large international cohort of students, making the JK Centre uniquely multicultural. Current students at the JK Centre come from Australia, Canada, Chile, China, Ghana, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, South Africa, United Kingdom and the USA.

"The minerals industry world-wide just canít get enough specialist mineral processing professionals," Dr Howarth said. "Postgraduate education is the industryís lifeblood."

Dr Howarth said JKMRC postgraduates - typically PhD and Masters - had a world-wide reputation in the mining and minerals processing fields, often going on to senior and executive level technical positions. Global companies such as Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton, Xstrata - as well as leading research organisations - have JKMRC graduates among their senior ranks.

Dr Howarth said anyone wanting to know how to get involved in a JKMRC postgraduate program should check the web at www.jkmrc.uq.edu.au, or phone the JK Centre on +61 7 33655888, or send email enquiries to jkmrc@uq.edu.au.




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