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MEI Online: General Minerals Engineering: Latest News: August 16th 2002

:: MIRO to Operate Mineral Industry Sustainable Technology Programme (MIST)  

The Mineral Industry Research Organisation (MIRO) will manage a major new minerals sector research and technology development initiative to be known as the Mineral Industry Sustainable Technology Programme (MIST). The programme is being funded through the Aggregate Levy Sustainability Fund (ALSF) which will contribute £3.4m over two years.

The MIST programme will provide a basis for implementation of focussed research and development activity aimed at supporting achievement of ALSF objectives. The objective of MIST is ‘to reduce the environmental effects of mineral extraction through development, promotion and implementation of sustainable technologies’.

To achieve this objective MIST will;

  • Define research needs through provision of information on emerging technologies.
  • Develop a portfolio of research projects
  • Secure other sources of co-funding
  • Promote dissemination of research outputs and application of new procedures/technologies
  • Co-ordinate with other programmes funded under the ALSF

MIST will encourage research and development in four key areas of activity related to mineral extraction:
1. Environmental assessment procedures and tools
2. Impact mitigation and management
3. Site design and operation & closure
4. Knowledge and technology transfer

The programme scope reflects the interests and priorities of all ALSF fund distributing bodies. The MIST Programme will be established with a structure that is similar to the well-established and highly successful LINK Programmes that provide up to 50% funding for selected research projects. Co-funding is generally provided by industrial organisations.

The programme will operate on a ‘calls for bids’ basis. Projects will extend to a maximum of twelve months duration.

The first call for proposals will be announced at the end of September. For further information or to register interest in the programme please contact Abbie Richards on abbie.richards@miro.co.uk.

MIRO is an independent, not for profit research organisation with thirty years experience in the formulation and management of collaborative research projects related to the minerals and associated industries throughout the UK and Europe.



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