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MEI Online: General Minerals Engineering: Latest News: January 13th 2003


:: Potential Merger of MIRO and AMIRA International  
Comminiqué to all members

This communiqué provides feedback to the members of MIRO and AMIRA International on recent discussions by respective Councils in relation to options for potential merger of the two organisations.

On the 14th November 2002 delegations from the Councils of both organisations (see attached list) met in London to discuss options for merger and closer project collaboration. Members will be aware that MIRO and AMIRA have been considering opportunities for closer collaboration on international research initiatives for some time. The growing demand for internationally co-ordinated, high level research & development programmes that adequately represent the interests of the global minerals industry is driving both organisations to investigate the benefits of a merged activity.

The aims of closer linkage between the two organisations would be to:
- Improve co-ordination and eliminate duplication of effort;
- Increase leverage on co-funding for industry expenditure;
- Optimise industry benefit for improved communication and information exchange;
- Raise the profile of mineral industry R&D;
- Present a united professional front with stakeholders at an international level;
- Strengthen the financial base.

It is recognised that not all minerals and related sector R&D has an international perspective and that for many members national and regional issues will continue to have a high priority.

The objectives of the London meeting were:
- To review industry research interests and needs;
- To consider the objectives of potential merger;
- To consider alternative models for a merged organisation;
- To agree Terms of Reference for further discussion.

The primary outcome from the meeting was general agreement from both Council delegations that a merged organisation is a desirable objective that can be achieved in a manner that allows continued representation of the R&D interests of all members at a national, regional and international level.

A range of issues relating to potential operating and administrative structures, geographical coverage, multi-discipline capability and the name of any merged organisation were considered. All these issues require further detailed evaluation before any outline proposals can be prepared for consideration by the members of each organisation. It was therefore agreed that working groups from each organisation would undertake a programme of consultation and review with the aim of preparing outline proposals by the end of March 2003.

Both organisations will be consulting their respective members between now and March 2003. However, comments and views from members on either the principles or specific issues associated with the concept of potential merger would be welcome at any time.

John O’Reilly

Ray Shaw
AMIRA International



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