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MEI Online: General Minerals Engineering: Latest News: May 14th 2004


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:: CSIRO Delighted with New Funding  

CSIRO's Chief Executive Officer, Dr Geoff Garrett, has welcomed the Federal Government's budget decision to reinstate three-year base-line funding for CSIRO. He said: "We are absolutely delighted. It's a huge win for science and for CSIRO and the part it plays in helping forge Australia's future. It also clearly affirms CSIRO's strategic objectives which are all about producing the best possible research outcomes for the benefit of all Australians. CSIRO's core research capability is the foundation of its research effort and this new three-year agreement, which totals $1.7 billion, will provide the platform, certainty and continuity of funding needed to allow CSIRO's brilliant team of scientists to continue to do what they do best - produce great scientific solutions to meet challenges and opportunities of national importance."

Dr Garrett said: "The triennium funding decision provides CSIRO with a platform to: enable long-term, large-scale strategic research in line with National Research Priorities; ensure Australia's responsiveness to changing research agendas; support the National Research Facilities and Reference Collections: and, provide a base for stable, strategic partnering and co-investment."



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