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MEI Online: General Minerals Engineering: Awards: Scholarship and Bursary Awards for 2003 of the former Institution of Mining and Metallurgy


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:: Scholarship and Bursary Awards for 2003 of the former Institution of Mining and Metallurgy

These awards are being offered separately from those of the former Institute of Materials for the year 2003, although in 2004 the two sets of awards will be integrated. Full details of the funds for which applications are invited for awards in 2003 are available on the website at www.iom3.org and by post from the Institute's Doncaster office, the address of which is given at the end of the article. Application forms, which must be completed and returned to the Institute by 14 March 2003, are available on request from the Deputy Chief Executive's office, Doncaster. Candidates should note that preference will be given to members from the former IMM and, for the Centenary Scholarship, student membership is necessary.

The Institute will judge the applications received for each award in respect of academic excellence and scholarship. The application must therefore specify academic ability. Candidates merely seeking assistance for financial hardship will not be considered.

Bosworth Smith Trust Fund
Approximately 5,500 will be available in 2003 for grants from the Fund for the assistance of postgraduate research in metal mining, non-ferrous extraction metallurgy or mineral dressing. Applications will be considered for grants towards working expenses, the cost of visits to mines and plants in connection with such research, and purchase of apparatus.

Centenary Scholarship
The annual Scholarship - value 500 per annum - is restricted to first or second year undergraduates in student membership of the Institute, will be awarded for projects, visits, etc in furtherance of the recipient's career development in the fields of minerals and mining.

Edgar Pam Fellowship
The Fellowship will be awarded for October 2003 for postgraduate study in subjects within the fields of minerals and mining. Those eligible for the award are young graduates, domiciled in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and the UK, who wish to undertake advanced study or research in the UK. The maximum value of the Fellowship, which is tenable for one year, will be .2,000.

G Vernon Hobson Bequest
The Bequest was established for the 'advancement of teaching and practice of geology as applied to mining'. One or more awards may therefore be made for travel, research or other objects in accordance with these terms (up to a value of & 1,300).

Mining Club Award
The Award will be offered to British subjects between the ages of 21 and 35 who are actively engaged (in full- or part-time postgraduate study or employment) in the minerals industry, as defined by the Institute, for travel purposes - for example, to study mineral industry operations in the UK or overseas, to present a paper at an international minerals industry conference or to assist the applicant in attending a full-time course of study related to the minerals industry outside the UK-or for any other similar purpose that may be regarded as being within the spirit of the Award (value of up to 1,500).

Stanley Elmore Fellowship Fund
Stanley Elmore Fellowships are tenable at a university for research into all branches of extractive metallurgy and mineral processing and, in special cases, for expenditure related to such research (normally two scholarships of up to 14,000 may be funded for any one year).

The Tom Seaman Travelling Scholarship
The Scholarship is awarded annually to a member, not older than 35 years, who is training or has been trained for a career in mining and related technologies, or both. The scholarship shall be to assist the study for an aspect of engineering in the minerals industry, with the intention of advancing the associated standards or techniques. Nomination will be via an application and possible subsequent interview (value of up to 5,500).

Applicants for the above awards must ensure that the particular fund from which support is being sought is relevant to their field(s) of interest. Applications not in accordance with the specified terms and conditions of the various funds, those that are received after 14 March 2003, and those for which the appropriate letters of support have not been received by that date will not be accepted for consideration.

Application forms and further information may be downloaded from the IOM3 website, or obtained from Dr G J M Woodrow, Deputy Chief Executive, The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, Danum House, South Parade, Doncaster, DN1 2DY, UK. Tel: +44 (0)1302 320486. Fax: +44 (0)1302 380900.




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