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:: The Falconbridge Innovation Award


The purpose of the award is to support the important role of innovation as a fundamental foundation to the development and growth of the Canadian metallurgical industry of which Falconbridge Limited has been and will continue to be a major participant. The award recognizes outstanding innovation in the industry, specifically innovations which are implemented and practised technology and to which a company or group of individuals are the prime contributors.


The innovation to be rewarded should have worldwide recognition. Recognizing the long lead-time to industrial acceptance of an innovation, a 15-year maximum duration from first demonstration should be used as a guideline.

Conditions of Award

  • The award shall be made from time to time as circumstances warrant in recognition of highly significant contributions to innovation in the metallurgical industry in Canada.
  • No more than one award may be made in any one year.
  • The adjudication of the award shall be made by the Awards Committee of the Metallurgical Society of CIM, chaired by the incoming Second Vice-President of the Society.
  • All nominations for the award shall be made by not fewer than five (5) Members of the Institute, and shall be forwarded to the Chairman of the Awards Committee of the Metallurgical Society not later than February 1st of each year. Each nomination is to be accompanied by a statement giving clearly the reasons which, in the opinion of the nominators, make their nominee a suitable candidate for this award.
  • Nominees shall remain in nomination for three years (year of nomination plus the two following years), and at the end of that period shall be eligible for renomination in the manner specified by Condition 4.
  • Provisions will be made for a "no award" option on the ballot; also balloting will not take place unless there are three nominees including the "no award" option.
  • If Condition 6 is satisfied, the Awards Committee shall meet at a suitable time to discuss the nominations and to select the Award recipients. The respective nominations will be circulated prior to the Committee meeting.
  • Only the Committee members of their designates attending the Committee meeting will be eligible to vote. Voting will be by ballot with the various preferences being indicated by a number system. The Awards Chairman will tally the ballots and will drop the candidate(s) (innovation) receiving the least support; a new ballot will be taken using the abbreviated list. The procedure will continue until a majority winner (first choice of more than half of the Awards Committee) is selected. The option of "No Award" shall remain on the ballot.
  • When a majority candidate is chosen, the Chairman will announce that a winner has been selected.
  • The Awards Chairman shall submit the Award Committee's recommendation for approval by the Board of Directors of the Society at the Spring meeting. The Chairman of the Awards Committee of the Society will then advise the award recipient and CIM.
  • The award, including the testimonial, shall be presented at the official award function of the Conference of Metallurgists.
  • www.metsoc.org/Awards/metsoc_awards.asp#falcon




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