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MEI Online: General Minerals Engineering: Awards: The Sir Willis Connolly Memorial Lecture


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:: The Sir Willis Connolly Memorial Lecture

The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy and the Barbarians (this group was established by persons associated with brown coal in Victoria who have had close ties with the industry in West Germany. Saint Barbara is the Patron Saint of miners which adorns the premises of German brown coal mining authorities.)

The Medal and its accompanying lecture is in memory of the contribution to science, engineering and technology in Australia by Sir Willis Connolly. Particularly it commemorates his achievements as a communicator.

The recipient shall be an outstanding communicator from the broad arena of science, engineering and technology, whose ability to communicate has advanced the professionalism, the industry or management of science, engineering and technology. He or she should be seen as a "model" to improve the ability of those involved to communicate the benefits of science, engineering and technology to our society.

A joint committee of two each from The AuslMM and the Barbarians shall select a suitable recipient. The AuslMM shall administer the selection process. Selection and acceptance shall be completed by 31 March each year whenever possible. The Barbarians shall approach the proposed recipient.

The lecture and medal presentation shall occur at a lunchtime function in Melbourne desirably on the last Friday of June, July or August each year at a joint function of The AuslMM and the Barbarians.

Funding for the medal, its design, moulding and striking shall be provided by the Barbarians. The medal shall be struck from pewter




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