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Recovery And Refining Of Precious Metals
by C. W. Ammen

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Paperback - 441 pages 2nd edition (January 15, 1997)
Kluwer Academic Publishers; ISBN: 0412720604
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From Book News, Inc.
A hands-on practical guide to performing various operations in assaying and extracting, qualitative and quantitative analysis, refining, classifying, and concentrating precious metals, either from primary sources such as ore and black sand or from secondary sources such as scrap jewelry and old film. Intended for professionals, semi-professionals, or hobbyists with or without a background in chemistry; does not discuss the mathematical formulas for chemical reactions.

Book Description
This new edition is a thorough revision of C.W. Ammen's bestselling work (often referred to as the Precious Metal Bible), a complete and practical guide to recovering, testing, extracting, and refining precious metals, from both primary and secondary sources. This text is written in a clear, simple manner and based on the author's own experience as a professional chemist and metallurgist.




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