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Rare Earths and Actinides: Science, Technology and Applications IV
edited by Renato G. Bautista and Brajendra Mishra

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Paperback (August 2000)
Times of Acadiana Pr Inc; ISBN: 0873394704
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From Fathi Habashi, Laval University, Quebec City, Canada, Fathi.Habashi@gmn.ulaval.ca
This small volume is the proceedings of a symposium held during the TMS Annual Meeting in Nashville, Tennessee March 12-16, 2000 and comprises 14 papers, the majority (11) are devoted to the rare earths. The book opens with a historical article about the role played by Robert Bunsen in Germany in initiating the rare earth industry. It was there in his laboratory in Heidelberge, that the Swedish chemist Jons Bahr came with samples of rare earth minerals for their analysis. When Carl Auer from Austria went to study few years later in the same laboratory, he was asked to perform more studies on the same samples which he then took with him back to Vienna. There, he made important discoveries that led to the creation of the first rare earth industry in the world.

The other papers are related to the sulfuric acid treatment of bastnaesite concentrate, chlorination of xenotime, fluorination of lanthanum, solvent extraction, fused salt electrolyis, and the use of cerium oxide slurries as a polishing agent for glass surface. In this last paper, the authors explain the mechanism of abrasion as a temporary bond formation between the hydrated oxide and the glass surface, related to the point of zero charge of the slurry. Hence, the process is actually a chemical-mechanical process. Although the title of the paper may appear to be of no interest to mineral processing engineers, in fact the topic treated applies well known theories of surface chemistry such as point of zero charge. The three papers on actinides are related to nuclear waste disposal. A useful small book.




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