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Schools of Mines: The Beginnings of Mining and Metallurgical Education
by Fathi Habashi

The book outlines the history of these institutions, their outstanding teaching staff, and their distinguished graduates. They formed the foundation for the scientific and technical development of the mineral industry in all its sectors. More than 600 pages illustrated with 350 figures and maps of which 73 are in color, includes the history of 92 schools, over 400 biographies, over 100 selected references, and 27 pages of indexes. ISBN-2-980-3247-8-7. Published February 2003. Price Can. $ 80 + postage.

Table of Contents:

  • Part 1: General
  • Part 2: Schools of Mines in the Great European Empires
  • Part 3: Schools of Mines in Other European Kingdoms
  • Part 4: Schools of Mines in the Americas and the Far East
  • Part 5: Epilogue and Appendix
  • Indexes

Published by:
Métallurgie Extractive Québec
800 rue Alain #504
Sainte Foy, Québec
Canada G1X 4E7
Tel: (418) 651-5774
e-mail: Fathi.Habashi@gmn.ulaval.ca

Distributed by:
Laval University Bookstore "Zone"
Pavillon Maurice Pollack
Cité Universitaire
Sainte Foy, Québec
Canada G1K 7P4
Tel: (418) 656-2600 - extn: 8480
Fax: (418) 656-2665
e-mail: carl.beaulieu@zone.ul.qc.ca



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