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Mineral Processing for Nano-Scientists

By Fathi Habashi

Price: $20.00 + postage
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Mineral Processing for Nano-Scientists was conceived as a short account to introduce the field of extracting metals from ores to nano-scientists since they are the final users of these materials. In 170 pages the areas of comminution, separation of minerals, pyro-, hydro-, and electrometallurgy are briefly outlined. The book is fully illustrated.
ISBN: 978-2- 922686-18-0
Published August 2011 By Metallurgie Extractive Quebec, 800 rue Alain, apt. 504, Quebec City, Canada G1X 4E7
Distributed by Laval University Bookstore “Zone”, www.zone.ul.ca
E-mail: conseiller@zone.ul.ca

Fathi Habashi is Professor Emeritus of Extractive Metallurgy at Laval University in Quebec City, Canada




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