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Full papers of hyperlinked titles can be downloaded via ScienceDirect.



B. Ndlovu, S. Farrokhpay, D. Bradshaw, The effect of phyllosilicate minerals on mineral processing industry, International Journal of Mineral Processing, Vol. 125, 2013

G. Debernardi, J.C. Gentina, P. Albistur, G. Slanzi, Evaluation of processing options to avoid the passivation of chalcopyrite, International Journal of Mineral Processing, Vol. 125, 2013

T. Leißner, T. Mütze, K. Bachmann, S. Rode, J. Gutzmer, U.A. Peuker, Evaluation of mineral processing by assessment of liberation and upgrading, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 53, 2013

A. Yap, F. Saconi, M. Nehring, F. Arteaga, P. Pinto, M.W.A. Asad, S. Ozhigin, S. Ozhigina, D. Mozer, A. Nagibin, E. Pul, D. Shvedov, D. Ozhigin, D. Gorokhov, V. Karatayeva, Exploiting the metallurgical throughput–recovery relationship to optimise resource value as part of the production scheduling process, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 53, 2013

N.O. Lotter, J.F. Oliveira, A.L. Hannaford, S.R. Amos, Flowsheet development for the Kamoa project - A case study, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 52, 2013

C. Bazin, D. Hodouin, R. Mermillod Blondin, Estimation of the variance of the fundamental error associated to the sampling of low grade ores, International Journal of Mineral Processing, Vol. 124, 2013

J. Liu, S. Wen, D. Wu, S. Bai, D. Liu, Determination of the concentrations of calcium and magnesium released from fluid inclusions of sphalerite and quartz, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 45, 2013

P.A. Bepswa, D.A. Deglon, Numerical investigation of a heuristic methodology for designing precise metal accounting measurement networks, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 42, 2013

I. Pyka, K. Wierzchowski, New characterization method for population of mineral particles for flow processes ­ A response to the “discussion paper” by Mr A. K. Majumder, International Journal of Mineral Processing, Vol. 118, 2013

M.R. Montenegro, F.D. Sepúlveda, E.D. Gálvez, L.A. Cisternas, Methodology for process analysis and design with multiple objectives under uncertainty: Application to flotation circuits, International Journal of Mineral Processing, Vol. 118, 2013



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