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MEI Online: Gravity Concentration: Latest News: May 31st 2007


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:: Confidently Predicting Jigging Performance

Bateman Engineering N.V. has developed a technique for predicting the process performance of industrial-scale jigs by mathematically modelling test results from laboratory-scale air-pulsed jigs.

This development was reported on in a paper by V. Dieudonne et al on ‘An approach to confidently predicting jigging performance’ published in The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, V 106, 2006.

The technique applies the ASTRAD (Advanced Stratification Transport Rate and Diffusion) jig-process model, developed by the JKMRC in Australia, to batch-scale air-pulsed jigs developed by Bateman Engineering that have now been used successfully in ore-processing studies in Australia, India and South Africa.

ASTRAD enables the determination of improvements in jig yields as a function of jig size and feed rate, permitting an economically optimum jig size to be selected. The range of yields achievable on ores, including blends, that have a variable but known washability (density distribution) can also be determined.

The use of batch jigs equipped with ASTRAD enables the prediction of the performance of large-scale continuous jigs and permits, with far greater confidence than was previously possible, the selection of industrial systems that will provide an acceptable separation of the components of the jigged material in an economically feasible residence time.

Jigging a particulate feed larger than 1 mm permits the separation of particles of different densities to be separated. The technique has been used for decades for the beneficiation of coal, ore, industrial minerals, metallic slag, etc.




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