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MEI Online: Gravity Concentration: Latest News: December 13th 2007


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:: New Magnetic Density Tracers Facilitate Recovery from DMS Circuits

A new range of Bateman Density Tracers has been specially developed to facilitate the recovery of the tracers after passage through DMS (dense-media separation) circuits processing the crushed ore, as their magnetic nature enables magnets to recover them easily and efficiently from the host material.

The recovery of the tracers is thus now far easier and more effective than in the past, when visual means had to be used to find the individual tracers so they could be picked out of the ore mass.

Density tracers are brightly colour coded according to specific gravity to ensure that the appropriate tracer is being used. The tracers are supplied in the form of cubes, prisms or rhomboids with sizes ranging from 0.8 mm to 20 mm, with the most popular density tracer range being from 2.70 to 3.53.

Strict quality control ensures the tracer particles are an exact size and shape, while their special robust formulation enables many passes through a plant. With regard to size and density, the tolerance limit is 0.1 mm and 0.01 respectively. Stocks of the popular ranges are held for rapid delivery and special orders are processed speedily. However, other shapes, sizes and even densities are available upon request.

Bateman Density Tracers are a standard and inexpensive aid to determine whether DMS (dense-media separation) cyclones and other beneficiation plants that exploit density differentials in the processed materials are functioning optimally.

Bateman Engineering supplies two ranges of density tracers: the standard density tracers which are recovered by an operator visually after passage through a plant; and these newly developed magnetic density tracers.

The regular use of Bateman Density Tracers will detect whether the process efficiency of the DMS circuit is decreasing, enabling timeous corrective measures to be taken to prevent the loss of valuable product to waste. They are applied worldwide in large and small production plants, laboratories and academic research institutes.

More information on the new range of Bateman Magnetic Density Tracers may be obtained from Arjan Leemans, Senior Buyer, Bateman Modular Plants on +27-11-899-9111 or email Modular@BatemanEngineering.com.




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