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MEI Online: Gravity Concentration: Latest News: July 14th 2009


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:: Viable Cost Effective Option to Product Collection on Spiral Banks

Multotec has launched a lightweight polypropylene product collection launder designed to achieve effective and efficient channelling of spiral products.

“Wear is a major issue in spiral product applications, and wear characteristics were one of the primary factors considered during the design phase of the new polypropylene production collection launder," Rohan Young, production superintendent at Multotec Process Equipment, says.

Multotec Process Equipment identified the need for an innovative solution, and that materials of construction available, such as fibreglass and HDPE, do not achieve the desired wear characteristics and impact on the life cycle of the product itself.

The new product collection launder has an integral cast polyurethane lining as opposed to a sprayed lining. This has given this product an above average and consistent wear lining characteristic. The method of manufacture ensures a consistent polyurethane lining thickness throughout the inside of the launder. This means the entire launder is lined with abrasion resistant polyurethane.

“There is therefore no need for additional liners to be fitted inside the launders," Young says. Another advantage, this time for existing plants, is that the Multotec product collection launder can be retrofitted to replace other similar launder systems where wear is an issue.

Engineered for long life, the Multotec polypropylene launders are designed to suit small diameter spiral banks of 2, 4, 6 and 8. The launders are engineered to allow optimum flexibility in application and can be manufactured to accommodate various bank sizes for both Multotec and third party spirals.

Ease of installation facilitates a faster process when the product collection launder is fitted. This is enhanced by the lightweight construction as product collection systems made from steel require extensive rigging for installation.

The launders’ non corrosive properties are significant especially where the product collection launder is being used in applications subjected to high levels of humidity and excessive moisture which could cause corrosion.

“We initially focused the new launders on the minerals sands and heavy minerals sectors of the market but ongoing research and development work will ultimately see this range expanded to the larger diameter spirals," Young says. “In addition, by undertaking all the manufacturing work in-house at our quality controlled ISO 9001:2001 facilities, we are able to facilitate faster lead times to the market."

The new launder product has been field tested and units are now successfully operating in installations both on Multotec and other branded spirals. “The feedback we have received from customers is that they are achieving superior wear life on their spiral installations with the new launders," Young says.




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