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MEI Online: Gravity Concentration: Latest News: September 12th 2003

:: Falcon Launches the ‘All-New’ Model SB250  

Falcon Concentrators Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of the all-new Model SB250. “The new SB250 was the brainchild of Falcon’s Mark Vinchoff and Mike Jillings of the RMS Ross Corporation. Although they faced some initial challenges, they persisted and came up with a fabulous machine at an attractive new price!" commented Falcon’s CEO, Colin Sprake, at the unveiling of Unit #1.

Falcon has received 7 confirmed orders and another 6 are pending, all before the official launch of this very exciting product. This indicates there is a strong and unfulfilled need for a realistically priced, simple, robust machine in the 5 t/h capacity range.

The new SB250 can run without an AutoPAC so informal miners can now have access to Falcon’s world-leading technology without an investment in electronics. Alternatively, this machine can be as fully instrumented as Falcon’s larger machines.

The SB250 is an ideal machine for these applications:

  • Table Tailings
  • Pilot Plants*
  • Placer/Alluvial Exploration
  • Artisanal Mining

* The new SB250 can be supplied to suit the water balance requirements of Pilot Plant throughputs as low as 500 kg. per hour.



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