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MEI Online: Gravity Concentration: Latest News: July 23rd 2004


:: Bateman Jig for Iron-Ore Processing

Tests conducted at the Sishen Iron Ore Mine in the Northern Cape Province, South Africa, have proved that the incorporation of the enhanced technology of a new fines gate has overcome the problem experienced worldwide in the separation of fine ferrous ores. The new jig gate minimises the back mixing of fine concentrate with reject before discharge. Bateman can therefore offer a leading-edge solution to the processing and upgrading of ferrous ores using jigs.

In addition, the PLC based JigScan controller offered with APIC jigs for beneficiation of ferrous ores provides improved control over product quality, consistency and higher yields of "on-specification" product.

The upgrading of ferrous ores by jigging has been a definite trend in recent years in South Africa, as well as internationally in countries such as Australia, India and South America. In cases where the cut density exceeds 4.0 g/ml or where test work has shown that jigs offer sufficient performance, jigs are now the preferred route, as opposed to other density-separation techniques, due to their simplicity and low running costs.

An ongoing development programme by Bateman, in association with Mintek and the Julius Kruttschnitt Mineral Research Centre (JKMRC) in Australia, has seen major improvements in the technological components of these air-pulsed gravity separators, and has ensured that the Bateman jigs offer superior separating performance for a wide range of materials with specific gravities from above 1 (coal) to as high as, but not limited to, 7 (ferroalloys).

The JigScan control system is the result of an initial 10 years of development by JKMRC, and has been used very successfully in industry, with one JigScan user crediting the system with an 8 % improvement in yield of on-specification fine iron ore. With this fully-integrated automatic system, much of the operator attention needed for efficient operation of a jig is reduced or eliminated and the operator can focus on other tasks. The system maintains a stable stratification, automatically rectifies abnormal behaviour due to feed or fluid dynamics and sequences start-ups and shut-downs to optimise production. JigScan is now fitted with high-speed programmable logic controllers (PLC) offering well known advantages over computer based systems.



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