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MEI Online: Gravity Concentration: Latest News: August 10th 2005


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:: Innovation drives success at Roche Mining (MT)

Gold Coast-based Roche Mining (MT), a world leader in the design and manufacture of mineral separation technology, was awarded the Premier of Queensland’s Smart Award in the category of “Manufacturing” at a ceremony last night.

Mr Glen Zille, General Manager of Roche (MT), said the company was recognised for its use of innovation in the development of two recently launched technologies set to revolutionise the way heavy mineral separation plants are designed in the future.

“Roche (MT)’s new high capacity (HC) spiral technology, which uses gravity to extract the valuable heavy mineral in a wet slurry, enables producers to double their plant capacity in the existing plant size, minimising the number of processing stages, and providing clients with greater plant efficiency," said Mr Zille.

“The new generation Carrara High Tension electrostatic roll separator builds on the strengths of previous technology to include a revolutionary insulated electrode plate, which significantly enhances separation performance, with results not seen in over 50 years," he said.

These new technologies afford mining operators increased productivity and efficiency without the often-prohibitive capital outlay traditionally required to increase plant capacity, as well as providing ongoing operational efficiencies.

“While these particular technologies may not be applicable in all processing environments, Roche (MT) will continue to strive to find more creative, more productive and more efficient ways of getting the job done for the world’s mineral producers.




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