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MEI Online: Gravity Concentration: Latest News: November 1st 2005


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:: Multotec Spiral References Grow

Multotec Process Equipment has recorded a significant increase in the number of orders received from international markets for its locally developed and manufactured spiral concentrators.

This, according to Raf Abela, product manager gravity concentration of Multotec Process Equipment, can be attributed to the growing number of references within these markets with the Multotec spiral having become an established brand.

Recent international orders received by Multotec Process Equipment include banks of Multotec SX7 double stage spiral concentrators and Multotec SX4 single stage coal spirals for installation on several coal plants in the USA. These spirals are treating a total tonnage of 900 tph.

Successes have also been achieved in Brazil with banks of wash water spirals being installed in a 240 tph plant at an iron ore producer. These spirals were specially developed for this particular application to ensure optimum recoveries. This plant will be commissioned at the end of October 2005.

Spirals for a chrome plant treating 90 tph have also been ordered. This particular beneficiation plant in Brazil is a copy of an existing plant that utilises Multotec spirals, and Abela says that the recoveries and reliability of these spirals were the primary reason for this order being placed on Multotec Process Equipment.

References for spirals in coal applications in Australia have grown with a total of 88 triple start spirals split between two large coal plants. A total tonnage of 800 tph will be treated between these two plants.

In an interesting situation late last year an order was received from the Ukraine for two banks of 10 Multotec SX 4 triple start spirals and one bank of four SX 4 triple start spirals. Abela says that the remarkable thing about this order was that, in addition, to being a fast track project, these spiral concentrators were flown out to the country by the client on a chartered transport carrier to meet installation deadlines. This was followed up by the receipt of an order for four Multotec SX7 triple start spirals for the same customer.

Two orders were received for coal plants in Turkey and these were for Multotec MX7 spirals. MX7 spirals are currently the benchmark on South African coal plants because the units are simple to operate with two stages in one and very adept at dealing with difficult coals.

References in the local market have also grown with two coal plants installing Multotec SX4 and SX7 spiral concentrators. One of these is a new plant and the other spirals are replacement units.




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