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Full papers of hyperlinked titles can be downloaded via ScienceDirect.



Z. Sun, X. Yang, G. Zhang, S. Zheng, R.L. Frost, A novel method for purification of low grade diatomite powders in centrifugal fields, International Journal of Mineral Processing, Vol. 125, 2013

T.D.H. McGrath, W.P. Staunton, J.J. Eksteen, Development of a laboratory test to characterise the behaviour of free gold for use in a combined flash flotation and gravity concentrator model, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 53, 2013

S.M. Viduka, Y.Q. Feng, K. Hapgood, M.P. Schwarz, Discrete particle simulation of solid separation in a jigging device, International Journal of Mineral Processing, Vol. 123, 2013

Y. Zhao, Y. Zhang, S. Bao, T. Liu, Y. Bian, X. Liu, Mo. Jiang, Separation factor of shaking table for vanadium pre-concentration from stone , Separation and Purification Technology, Vol. 115, 2013

J.S. Kroll-Rabotin, F. Bourgeois, É. Climent, Physical analysis and modeling of the Falcon concentrator for beneficiation of ultrafine particles, International Journal of Mineral Processing, Vol. 121, 2013

G.V. Franks, M. Firdaus, J. Oshitani, Copper ore density separations by float/sink in a dry sand fluidised bed dense medium, International Journal of Mineral Processing, Vol. 121, 2013

Y. Zhao, Y. Zhang, T. Liu, T. Chen, Y. Bian, S. Bao, Pre-concentration of vanadium from stone coal by gravity separation, International Journal of Mineral Processing, Vol. 121, 2013

M. Greenwood, R. Langlois, K.E. Waters, The potential for dry processing using a Knelson Concentrator, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 45, 2013

N. Naudé, L. Lorenzen, A.V. Kolesnikov, C. Aldrich, L. Auret, Observations on the separation of iron ore in a prototype batch jig, International Journal of Mineral Processing, Vol. 120, 2013

R. Sripriya, N. Suresh, S. Chandra, D. Bhattacharjee, The effect of diameter and height of the inserted rod in a dense medium cyclone to suppress air core, Minerals Engineering, Vol. 42, 2013



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