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Hydromet 2000

Hilton Hotel, Adelaide, Australia
April 3-5, 2000


This 3-day international symposium, organised by Minerals Engineering International in association with the University of Melbourne, Australia was sponsored by the Australian Mineral Research Association (AMIRA).

The conference was held at the Adelaide Hilton, situated in the heart of Adelaide, close to the shopping, theatre, central market and business districts, and close to the famous Barossa and Clare Valley wine regions. Adelaide

Conference Report
Prof. A.E.C. Peres, UFMG, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Hydromet 2000 was a remarkable conference. The number of delegates (65), representing 13 different countries, was just perfect to guarantee a wide range of subjects being covered without the undesirable side effect of overcrowding. A predominance of academic investigation was observed among the papers presented, but most of the results apply directly or indirectly to industrial practice. An interesting feature was the fairly large number of papers derived from the cooperation between different institutions in the same country or even in different countries.

Hydrometallurgy has always played a relevant role in Minerals Engineering Conferences. However, the idea of holding a conference on this specific topic was excellent. Hydrometallurgy is a subject that proves to be important enough to attract papers on specific sub-areas such as Bio-hydrometallurgy, Gold and Silver Ores, Non-Precious Metal Ores and Environmental, beyond contributions on General Hydrometallurgy.

I had the privilege of attending the first conference of the already long series: "Reagents in Minerals Engineering", held in 1991, at the Camborne School of Mines, Redruth, in the heart of the charming Cornwall area. I always do my best to attend the Minerals Engineering Conferences for several reasons. From the first conference at an old university auditorium to meetings held in first class hotels all over the world, several features have been preserved: excellent organisation, friendly atmosphere, first class papers, publication in an indexed international journal after peer review and acceptance, profitable discussions between people from different countries, institutions and backgrounds. The overall atmosphere of the conferences organised by Minerals Engineering International enhances the possibility of what I define as "Lounge Engineering". Several technological improvements started from an informal exchange of ideas in conferences lounges.

Photos from the conference can be viewed here, and please feel free to download them for your own use (right click on a photo and select "save picture as..."), if you'd like to get prints done from them you could try using Shutterfly. This website allows you to upload digital photos and then have them printed onto photographic paper and mailed to you.

Publication of Papers

Minerals Engineering Journal

The following papers have been published in Minerals Engineering:

Volume 13 Numbers 8-9

Synthesis of zeolite adsorbents by hydrothermal treatment of PFA wastes: a comparative study
C. Poole, H. Prijatama and N.M. Rice (UK)

Volume 13 Number 10/11

New generation leaching reactors for effective mass transfer in mineral processing operations
L. Lorenzen and A.W. Kleingeld (South Africa)

The cyanide leaching of gold in solutions containing sulfide
M.I. Jeffrey and P.L. Breuer (Australia)

Thiosulfate  leaching  kinetics  of  gold  in  the presence  of  copper  and  ammonia P.L. Breuer  and  M.I. Jeffrey (Australia)

Kinetic factors for oxidative and non-oxidative dissolution of iron sulfides
J.E. Thomas, R. St. C.  Smart and W.M. Skinner (Australia)

Gold electrowinning from thiourea solutions
C.M.  Juarez (Argentina) and A.J.B. Dutra (Brazil)

Removal of heavy metals from wastewater effluents by biosorptive flotation
C. Aldrich and D. Feng (South Africa)

The role of iron-hydroxy precipitates in the passivation of chalcopyrite during bioleaching
M.B. Stott, H.R. Watling, P.D. Franzmann and D. Sutton (Australia)

Cadmium removal from diluted aqueous solutions by electrowinning in a flow-by cell
A.J.B. Dutra, A. Espínola and P.P. Borges (Brazil)

Volume 13 Number 12

Biooxidation as pre-treatment for a telluride-rich refractory gold concentrate
M. Climo, H.R. Watling and W. Van Bronswijk (Australia)

Equilibrium model for the selective sorption of gold cyanide on different ion-exchange functional groups
G.C. Lukey, J.S.J. Van Deventer and D.C. Shallcross (Australia)

The effect of additives and impurities on the cobalt electrowinning process
M.I. Jeffrey, W.L. Choo and P.L. Breuer (Australia)

An electrostatic solvent extraction contactor for nickel - cobalt recovery
M.K. Briggs, C.Y. Cheng and D.C. Ibana (Australia)

Effect of lead nitrate on cyanidation of gold ores: progress on the study of the mechanisms
G. Deschenes, R. Lastra, J.R. Brown, S. Jin, O. May and E. Ghali (Canada)

Vol. 13 Number 13

An investigation of the Cu (II) adsorption mechanism on pyrite by ARXPS and SIMS
C. Weisener and A. Gerson (Australia)

SO2/O2 as an oxidant in hydrometallurgy
W. Zhang, P. Singh and D.M. Muir (Australia)

Counter-current ion exchange for the removal of organically bound sodium from low-rank coals
K.B. Quast (Australia)

Vol. 13 Nos. 14-15

Leaching of atacamite (Cu2(OH)3Cl) using dilute sulphuric acid
K. B. Quast (University of South Australia, Australia)

Combined bio-hydrometallurgical process  for gold recovery from refractory  stibnite
S. Ubaldini, F. Veglio, L. Toro, C. Abbruzzese (Italy)

Vol. 14 Number 1

pH measurement and control in solvent extraction using column contactors
Y. Zhuang, A. Siemon, N. Ireland and G. Johnson (Australia)

Evaluation of a diagnostic leaching technique for gold in native gold and gold  silver tellurides
K. J. Henley, N.C. Clarke and P. Sauter (Australia)

Vol. 14 Number 2

Fungal bio-leaching of low grade laterite ores
M. Valix, F. Usai and R. Malik (Australia)

The electro-sorption properties of nickel on laterite gangue leached with an organic chelating acid
M. Valix, F. Usai and R. Malik (Australia)

Volume 14 Number 4 (2001)

A methodology for determining the deportment of cyanide losses in gold plants
M.D. Adams (Australia)



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