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MEI Online: Hydrometallurgy: Latest News: June 29th 2005


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:: Haber Strongly Urged by Ghana Science and Government Authorities to Rapidly Introduce Gold Extraction and Recovery Processes

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology Evaluation Report confirms 99 Percent Efficiency of Haber Processes on Native Alluvial Gold Concentrates

Haber, Inc., a New Jersey-based company with proprietary technology for the environmentally friendly processing of gold bearing ores, announced today that, based on a highly favorable report regarding its extraction and recovery processes from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) of Kumasi, Ghana, the Ghanaian Council for Scientific and Industrial Research and the Ministry of Lands, Forests and Mines strongly urged the company to introduce its gold extraction and recovery technology into Ghana's artisinal mining sector on a large scale as soon as practical.

KNUST had been asked to verify through a demonstration on Feb. 7 and exhaustive analysis thereafter, the practicality of using the extractive Haber Gold Process (HGP) on the alluvial gold-bearing ores widespread throughout Ghana, the efficiency of the Haber Recovery Process (HRP) in recovering the gold present and; Haber's claims that both processes were environmentally friendly. The Haber processes do not use mercury, cyanide or any other component that is dangerous to human health or to the environment.

The report, prepared under the direction of Professor F.W.Y Momade of the Materials Engineering Department of KNUST's College of Engineering, and forwarded to Haber on June 13th by Ghana's Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, concluded that the test results showed that: 1. HGP can extract gold without use of mercury or cyanide; 2. HRP can recover the gold present; 3. that extraction is relatively fast with roughly 99 percent of the gold present being extracted within three hours and; 4. that both processes are, in fact, environmentally friendly. The test ore was an alluvial gold concentrate obtained from small-scale gold miners from the Wassa Akropong region of Ghana

Albert B. Conti, president and COO of Haber, and its principal executive involved in the implementation of Haber's initiative in Ghana, known as STAMP (Strategic Abatement of Mercury and Poverty) developed jointly with Haber 's licensee Gold City Inc. (a private Nevada Corporation), said, " We are very pleased by the KNUST report findings and by the strong support of the Ghanaian scientific community and government officials. We believe that the Haber Gold Processes can effectively assist the artisinal mining community in Ghana in improving their health, their standard of living and their environment. We are confident that the field testing and eventual full implementation of these processes will make the Ghanaian artisinal mining sector a model for all of Africa and elsewhere around the globe."

The STAMP program objectives, as announced at its inception by Haber in May 2004, focus on the elimination of mercury use in artisinal mining, significant increases in the health, incomes and standard of living of the artisinal miners and their families and offers the expansion of a value-added component of the Ghanian economy through gold jewelry manufacturing for the world market.

During the past year, Conti and his team have focused on successfully obtaining a site for the initial field trials and working out logistics involved in the start-up. They are now engaged, along with the Ghanaian authorities, in raising the funds necessary to begin field trials and move ahead to regional expansion throughout Ghana.




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