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MEI Online: Hydrometallurgy: Latest News: February 29th 2008


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:: Haber Successfully Completes Pilot Testing of its new, Proprietary Gold Recovery Equipment

Haber, Inc, a Massachusetts-based company with proprietary technology for the environmentally friendly processing of precious metal-bearing ores, has announced that it has successfully concluded its pilot testing of its proprietary "Aladdin" technology and industrial prototype machine on ores and e-scrap in its Massachusetts ore processing facility. The company has also decided to seek patent protection for this technology upgrade.

As previously reported in December 2007 (www.min-eng.com/hydrometallurgy/145.html), the prototype Aladdin processing machine, designed to use Haber's unique, non-toxic extraction and recovery processes with maximum efficiency, was tested on increasingly larger batch runs of precious metal ores of up to 200 pounds per run. Over the range of test runs, processing time averaged three and one-half hours and test results indicated extraction and recover efficiencies in excess of 98 percent. In addition, e-scrap tests have been successfully completed yielding 99 percent gold extraction efficiencies with run times of approximately four and one-half hours.

Albert B. Conti, president and CEO, said, "The Aladdin machine has exceeded all our initial performance expectations. The high efficiency of recovery, purity of gold, speed of operation and economical operating costs using Aladdin have all been demonstrated on many different ore types and on e-scrap. Our initial priority was to run the machine for operational performance and make the necessary design changes rather than immediately focus on production runs. This has allowed us to generate sufficient design data to properly specify the scale-up to a new generation, commercial-size machine. The company will seek future patent protection for the Aladdin machine concept. We will also now shift our focus to running this modestly sized pilot unit as a production machine and begin to produce revenues."

In addition to previous ore shipments processed from Bolivian, Ghanaian and Suriname sources, the company will now be receiving high-grade ore from the southwestern United States, which it is anticipated will provide the inventory needed to generate revenues in our Massachusetts facility. Initial testing of this new ore supply has yielded precious metals assays in the multiple ounces per ton range. The next steps are to run a number of tons of this ore through the Aladdin machine and thereby determine the processing economics and revenue potential of ore. If testing proves successful, multiple-ton loads will then be received weekly. The arrangement with the supplier is to share equally in profits generated by the recovered precious metals. The initial shipment is expected in late March.

The company will complete the processing of the small amount of e-scrap still remaining in house. The company has decided, however, not to use the pilot Aladdin machine to process e-scrap at this time, so long as high-grade ore is available in quantity.




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