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MEI Online: Hydrometallurgy: Latest News: May 27th 2013


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:: Xstrata Technology Increases Offerings in Copper SX-EW


Xstrata Technology has recently launched a new range of mixer-settlers for solvent extraction. XTengineers collaborated with Graeme Miller, principal of Miller Metallurgical Services (MMS). MMS is a leader in mixer-settler design with twenty five installations worldwide of their Side-Feed™ Mixer Settlers, primarily for the Copper SX-EW applications. The SideFeed™ Mixer Settler was first installed in 2004, with over 100 SideFeed™ mixer-settler units installed worldwide.

Brendan O’Rourke, XT Project Manager of SX-EW technology development, said that combining the SideFeed™ Mixer Settler with XT’s ISAKIDD™ Technology gave clients the very best of SX-EW technology. XT had been in the industry for over 30 years, developing stainless steel refining with the ISA PROCESS™, which later combined with the Kidd Process to form ISAKIDD™ Technology. ISAKIDD™ Technology tankhouse packages includes innovative stainless steel cathode plates, design, optimization and supply of tankhouses, cathode stripping machines, and associated electrode handling equipment. The industry leading Side-Feed™ Mixer Settler further compliments and broadens this offering, and will provide clients with cost effective technology to recover their copper.

The Side-Feed™ Mixer Settler was developed from years of testing and analysis by advanced computational fluid dynamic modelling. For example, the duct from final mixer into the settler was designed for optimum profile of the aqueous/organic emulsion across its full width and depth, eliminating eddy formation.

The advantages of the Side-Feed™ Mixer Settler technology include:

  • Primary and secondary/tertiary mixers with specialized internal baffles and large inter-stage launders, for maximum mixing and better mass transfer
  • The primary mixer has an innovative false bottom baffle to permit problem-free aqueous or organic recycle and operation in either continuity
  • Mixers have viewing ports and sampling points, to aid optimum operation
  • Mixer lids are removable - mixer agitator can be easily removed unassembled
  • Improved flow pattern of fluids. Combined with the built-in picket fences and coalescing systems, this gives better separation of the emulsion and low entrainment in the exit streams.

Brendan said XT and the MSS partnership offered big opportunities to improve copper SXEW production. “Having technology backed by the operators who developed it gives the client confidence they will get the package they need to maximise copper recovery”.




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