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MEI Online: Hydrometallurgy: Latest News: July 18th 2003

:: Haber Team to Visit Ghana and Introduce Environmentally Friendly Gold Extraction HGP Process  

Haber, Inc., a New Jersey-based company with proprietary technology for analytical instrumentation and the environmentally friendly processing of gold-bearing ores, announced today that a Haber Inc. team led by President and COO Albert B. Conti is scheduled to visit Ghana this month to introduce the Haber Gold Process (HGP) to the African continent.

"This is the beginning of our worldwide effort to introduce Haber and HGP to the gold mining community," Conti said.

The purpose of the trip is to conduct a real-time demonstration of HGP and to explore the interest of the various parties in the use of the technology throughout Africa. Haber's agent to Ghana, Kwame Apea, a well-known Ghanaian entrepreneur, has been coordinating all activities in the country, the second-largest gold producer on the continent, after South Africa.

One of the demonstrations will compare the HGP and the cyanide gold retraction process in real time. The purpose will be to demonstrate the advantage of the environmentally friendly HGP relative to speed and toxicity. It is anticipated that a number of interested parties will be invited to visit the Haber, Inc, Pilot and Laboratory facilities in Florida for follow-up discussions and piloting specific ores of interest.

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