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MEI Online: Hydrometallurgy: Latest News: October 10th 2003

:: Non-Cyanide Gold Bullion Recovery To Be Implemented in Montana  

Work is underway to produce gold bullion in Montana without the use of cyanide. Using nitrogen species catalyzed (NSC) pressure leaching followed by alkaline sulfide (AS) gold recovery, old gold tailings dumps 25 miles south of Butte, Montana are now set to be cleaned up as well. The Center for Advanced Mineral and Metallurgical Processing at Montana Tech in Butte Montana has been applying this technology through a grant from The Center for Advanced Separation Technologies. In the past. these technologies have been employed and proven on an industrial scale for production of copper, silver and antimony.

The Center for Advanced Separation Technologies (CAST) is a consortium of major universities that conduct crosscutting research in the area of advanced separations. Originally established as a partnership between VirginiaTech and West Virginia University, participants in the center now include Montana Tech, University of Utah,University of Nevada, New Mexico Tech, and University of Kentucky. The center brings together multidisciplinary expertise to solve various problems facing the U.S. mining industry.

Profile Resources USA Inc. is a mining company developing an infrastructure for processing gold in the State of Montana. The primary objective is the construction and permitting of the Watseka custom gold milling facility located 25 miles south of Butte, Montana. Upon completion of the processing facility, Profile will process ore from surrounding mines and focus on generating cash flow from gold sales. In particular, 100-year-old gold bearing waste dumps at the site will be cleaned up and treated to produce gold bullion. This provides an economic benefit while also enhancing the Montanaenvironrnent . Profile will be negotiating with the surrounding mine owners and enter into processing arrangementsthat serve the best interests of the company. Profile may enter into joint venture arrangements with some mineowners, and continue to focus on processing ore from adjacent mines. It is projected that CAMP and Profile Resources will proceed with a co-operative research program culminating in apilot scale plant built at the Waseka mill site.

The Center for Advanced Mineral and Metallurgical Processing (CAMP) located at Montana Tech of the University in Butte Montana is a center of excellence providing solutions to mineral and metallurgical challenges on a global basis.




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