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MEI Online: Hydrometallurgy: Latest News: August 4th 2003

:: Visit to AARL by Dr David Dreisinger of the University of British Columbia  

A number of core technologies are under development at AARL, one of which relates to the leaching under pressure of refractory copper ores, specifically chalcopyrite. This forms the basis of a patent taken out by Anglo Base Metals and the University of British Columbia (UBC) and commonly referred to as the AAC/UBC Process. The development of this particular technology on the part of UBC has been supported by Dr Dave Dreisinger, a world renowned expert in the field of hydrometallurgy and during the course of the development AARL have maintained a close working relationship with Dr Dreisinger.

Further development of the chalcopyrite leach process, as encapsulated in the AARL Chalcopyrite Leach Roadmap, is focused on the characteristics of the residue produced through the leach process with respect to haematite/jarosite formation and the recovery of precious metals from that leach residue.

In June, Dr Dreisinger paid a further visit to AARL for discussions on the Chalcopyrite Leach Roadmap and related AARL test work programmes currently underway. During this time, a visit to the Rustenburg Base Metals Refinery was organized for Dr Dreisinger, accompanied by Oswald Killian from AARL. Discussions were held with key personnel from RBMR including presentations by Dr Dreisinger on the chemistry of sulphur in hydrometallurgical systems and future RBMR-AARL interaction.

Dr Dreisinger is scheduled to visit the AARL again in November, in line with AARL’s stated objective to provide a world class product to the clients it services.



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