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MEI Online: Hydrometallurgy: Latest News: December 22nd 2004


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:: Outokumpu's HydroCopper Process Wins 2004 Mining Magazine Metallurgy Award

According to the Mining Magazine judging panel, Outokumpu's HydroCopperTM process for the treatment of chalcopyrite concentrates represents a truly New Era for copper production. In a successful joint contribution, the teams at Outokumpu Research and Outokumpu Technology have worked for several years to create a simple, yet unique and effective means of producing high-quality copper products directly from copper concentrate at the mine site. This eliminates the need for the smelting stage and therefore offers the prospect of increased profits. At a time when low-grade ore bodies are the norm, HydroCopperTM makes it feasible to process these as well as metallurgically difficult ores through a low-cost integrated process chain. The beauty of HydroCopperTM is that it not only produces a commercial high quality final product suitable for demanding purposes, but the process has also been designed to meet the highest demands regarding both safety and the environment."

Full details can be found in Mining Magazine, November 2004 (pps. 36-37).

For more information on the HydroCopper process see news story from January 21st 2003.




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