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Textbook of Hydrometallurgy
by Fathi Habashi

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Hardcover - 739 pages 2 edition (July 1, 1999)
Metallurgie Extractive Quebec; ISBN: 2980324779
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Book Description:
Hydrometallurgy is a rapidly expanding field. A second edition was prepared after six years from the publication of the Textbook to incorporate some new material and because the stock of the first edition was exhausted. The new edition has been revised along the following lines: Titles of recent monographs and conference proceeding volumes dealing with hydrometallurgy were updated, expansion in pressure leaching technology since major advances were made recently. More importance was given to pyrite and arsenopyrite. This resulted in changing the title of Chapter 12 to Sulfides and Disulfides. More details were added to the treatment of phosphate rock and minor additions were incorporated in the sections dealing with nitric acid, zinc, gold, and nickel metallurgy and correcting minor typographical errors. An appendix entitled "Laboratory Autoclaves for Hydrometallurgical Research" was added to help those interested in entering the field of pressure hydrometallurgy.

The book covers the general principles of solution chemistry, engineering aspects, and detailed studies of hydrometallurgical processes in 750 pages fully illustrated with drawings and photographs. It contains a selected list of over 250 review articles, proceedings volumes, and books directly related to the subject. Emphasis is laid on chemical reactions, equipment used, and flowsheets.

C.V. Phillips, Camborne School of Mines, Redruth, Cornwall, UK:
The second edition of the textbook of Hydrometallurgy by Fathi Habashi follows the first edition published in 1993 and contains a number of developments and updating of the earlier text which has proved so useful to undergraduate and postgraduate students studying extractive metallurgy. Its publication is another step in the series of metallurgical texts produced by Professor Habashi of Laval University, Quebec.

The text provides a good introduction to the history of the subject and the fundamental chemistry and engineering required in a study of hydrometallurgy. It then develops the fundamental chemistry and engineering in application to the unit processes of leaching, solid-liquid separation, solution purification by chemical treatment, ion exchange and solvent extraction. A wide range of applications of the concepts are then included.

The Author has included process developments in Chapters 3, 4, 6, 9 and 12 and has added a valuable appendix on Laboratory Autoclaves for Hydrometallurgy research. The text would have been better rounded off if more material on electrolyte processes was included because electrolysis of solutions and fused salts does provide the important metal recovery process in many of the World's hydrometallurgy plants. (The reviewer does however appreciate that the author has strong views of the placement of such material into Electrometallurgy which is the subject of his other texts).

It is a pity that the second edition published 6 years after the first edition did not take advantage of developments in hydrometallurgy in the 1990's where for example significant technical developments and applications of bacterial assisted hydrometallurgy have led to new technology plants for the treatment of refractory gold ores e.g. BioxR and the more recent development of processes involving bacteria for the extraction of base metals from sulphide ores and concentrates. It is also surprising that little mention is made of the now important Sherritt pressure zinc process. A more detailed and wider updating of the bibliography would have been valuable to students and other readers.

Nevertheless the text will continue to be a valuable source of information for current and future students.

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