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Proceedings of the International Symposium on Solvent Extraction 2002
by V.N. Misra, S.C. Das and K.S. Rao (Editors)

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Allied Publishers Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai, 2002; 637 pages
ISBN: 81-7764-356-8


The state of Orissa is endowed with vast mineral resources. Being situated in this mineral rich state, the Regional Research Laboratory (CSIR), Bhubaneswar is actively engaged in utilizing these resources for metal recovery. In addition to the raw materials available in the region, many other ores, concentrates, wastes, byproducts, slag, etc., available elsewhere in the country were also processed in this institution. Over the years, a number of flow sheets were developed to extract metals like copper, nickel, cobalt, zinc, etc., mostly through the hydrometallurgical route where solvent extraction has been extensively used for leach liquor treatment. With this background, it was thought pertinent to organize an International Symposium on Solvent Extraction-ISSE at the Regional Research Laboratory, Bhubaneswar during September 26-27, 2002. It was expected that this event would provide an opportunity for the participating scientists, researchers, technologists and academicians working in this field to exchange ideas, share their experiences and knowledge.

The main topics covered are: solvent development, process development for nonferrous as well as nuclear metals, analytical methods, design, simulation, modelling, and other separation techniques. The volume is a compilation of all the papers presented in the symposium.

Solvent development is an important aspect in the field of solvent extraction. Sustained efforts are made by research organisations as well as commercial houses for the development of new solvents and for modification of existing solvents to achieve better performance. Papers dealing with the efforts made in this direction are included in this section.

The next section deals with process development for extraction and separation of nonferrous metals such as copper, nickel, cobalt, manganese, zinc, vanadium, titanium, gallium and mercury. The data generated to extract metal values from leach solutions obtained through processing of ocean nodules, brass ash, nickel-cadmium battery, Bayer process etc. is included in this section. Fundamental aspects like kinetics and mechanism of separation processes also find a place in some of the papers.

Although separation of uranium and thorium is a well studied system, it still provides a platform for challenging R&D activities and papers related to this aspect are included in this section. Solvents such as PC-88A, D2EHPA, TBP, Di (2-ethyhexyhyl) butyramide and Octylphenylhydraxamic acid and their mixtures have been used for development of new processes for extraction and separation of uranium and thorium.

The section on analytical methods comprises development of new and promising methods for accurate estimation of common metal ions like copper, nickel, cobalt and rare metals like titanium, platinum and palladium with different organic solvents.

The section on design simulation and other separation techniques deals with design of extraction columns, simulation of fast breeder reactors, modelling of third phase formation, and measurement of physical properties like interfacial tension. Utilisation of other separation techniques such as supported liquid membrane for the separation of copper and cobalt are also included in this section. Papers on ultrasonic mixing for improvement of oil extraction and purification of biomolecules are also included.

V.N. Misra, S.C. Das and K.R. Rao, Editors. Email: srkaranam@yahoo.com




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