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EPD Congress 2002
by Patrick R. Taylor (Editor)

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Hardcover; (February 2002)
Minerals Metals & Materials Society; ISBN: 0873395166
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Sixty-seven papers represent the activities at a February 2002 conference, in which the Extraction and Processing Division of the Minerals, Metals and Materials Society held a symposium titled "Fundamentals of Advanced Materials for Energy Conversion." The papers are arranged in sections on superconductors; magnets and thermal energy; fuel cells; batteries; hydrogen and tritium storage; complex hydrides; gas clathrate hydrates; fly ash generation, treatment, metal recovery and disposal; general topics in waste treatment and minimization; general pyrometallurgy; materials processing fundamentals; recycling; and teaching and learning hydrometalurgical science and engineering.   (, 2002)

Fathi Habashi, Laval University, Quebec City, Canada. fathi.habashi@arul.ulaval.ca

This volume represents a collection of symposia sponsored by the Extraction and Processing Division (EPD) of TMS held February 17-21, 2002 at the Annual Meeting that took place in Seattle, Washington.

It is composed of:

  • Fundamentals of Advanced Materials for Energy Conversion, 226 pages edited by D. Chandra and R.G. Bautista.
  • Fly Ash Generation, Treatment, Metal Recovery and Disposal, 106 pages organized by J. Shibata, I. Gaballlah, and D.G. Robertson.
  • General Topics in Waste Treatment and Minimization, 93 pages organized by J. Shibata, C. Dahlen, and J. Kwong.
  • General Pyrometallurgy, 114 pages organized by D.C. Deneys.
  • Materials Processing Fundamentals, 73 pages organized by P.N. Anyalebechi and A.C. Powell IV.
  • Recycling General Sessions, 18 pages organized by J.N. Hyrn and W. Schneider.
  • Teaching and Learning Hydrometallurgical Science and Engineering, 113 pages organized by K. Osseo-Asare and S. Duyvesteyn.

It is evident that symposia are bound together in one volume for economic reasons. Also, it can be concluded that an extensive research is now underway on waste treatment and minimization of waste, and that a large number of researchers are now occupied with mathematical modelling.

The book is very well produced. Few typographical errors were noted in the titles (page xi “Hydrometallurgical”, and page 669 “Osseo-Asare” are misspelled).

EPD Congresses used to be devoted to extractive metallurgy. This volume seems to be an exception: it is a mixture of materials science (microstructure, cast alloys, magnetic properties, etc.), mathematical modelling, fuel cells, batteries, etc. traditional extractive metallurgy is nearly zero. I do not know what happened!




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