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Third International Symposium on Iron Control in Hydrometallurgy
Montreal, Canada
October 1-6, 2006

The Third International Symposium on Iron Control in Hydrometallurgy (the 36th Annual Hydrometallurgical Meeting) was a major metallurgical event which attracted well over 200 delegates, although the exact number cannot be determined because the registration for the Symposium was merged with that of the associated Annual Conference of Metallurgists.

In his opening remarks, John Dutrizac noted that the global hydrometallurgical industry had to contend with a minimum of 26,000,000 t/y of contained iron and that the processing and disposal of such large amounts of iron provided the raison d’etre for the Symposium. In this regard, the 62 papers given in the Symposium illustrated the various technologies used to address the diverse iron control problems in the processing of zinc, copper, nickel-cobalt, aluminum, titanium, uranium and steel pickle liquors; the papers also discussed emerging technologies, the role of iron for the stabilization of arsenic and the ultimate disposal of iron-rich residues.

All the papers given in the Symposium were published in a hard cover book proceedings “Iron Control Technologies”, that were edited by J.E. Dutrizac and P.A. Riveros. Although some fundamental details of iron control were discussed in the Symposium itself, the detailed fundamental aspects of the iron control problem were given in the Iron Control Short Course, which immediately preceded the Symposium.

The Iron Control Short Course attracted over 80 participants who were informed about iron solution chemistry, characterization techniques, the use of iron for impurity removal, liquid/solid separation and residue disposal, as well as pyrometallurgical alternatives to residue disposal. There were also four industrially oriented case histories on the containment and disposal of iron in the nickel, aluminum, titanium and zinc industries.

Technical tours to operating plants are an effective means of linking the verbal presentations with industrial practice. To this end, an Iron Control Technical Tour, which had to be limited to 50 participants, immediately followed the Symposium. The tour lasted one and a half days and visited Quebec Iron and Titanium (QIT) and Ferrinov in Sorel, Quebec and Canadian Electrolytic Zinc (CEZinc) in Valleyfield, Quebec. The technical tour was both informative and enjoyable, and the generous hospitality of QIT and CEZinc during the tour was greatly appreciated by all the participants.

In summary, the Third International Symposium on Iron Control in Hydrometallurgy was a significant success that allowed the hydrometallurgical community to learn about and debate the latest developments related to the iron control problem and the ultimate disposal of iron residues. The meeting arose from the successes of the First and Second Iron Control in Hydrometallurgy Symposia, and hopefully, will provide the foundation for a Fourth Symposium, somewhere in the world in 2016.

J.E. Dutrizac jdutriza@NRCan.gc.ca




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