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Post-Doc position in Mineral Processing  [October 7, 2019]

Location: University of Lorraine, Nancy, France, GeoRessources Laboratory

Subject: Fine particle flotation: mineral surface reactivity and physical chemistry of reagents adsorption

General requirements:

Candidates should have an outstanding research record in the field of Mineral processing with extensive knowledge in Physical chemistry, process and/or Chemical engineering. The selected candidate will join the “Georessources” research, a major international research center with about 60 academics for a total staff about 180 persons developing research programs in all fields of applied geosciences including, mineral processing, minerals engineering, ore genesis, 3D modeling and economic geology.

The research activity will be related with the “Mineral engineering” team on physical chemistry of flotation. Innovative research on the beneficiation of non-conventional and low-grade resources can be developed. The experiences on the process intensification by coupling with external fields (electric pulses, ultrasonic) will be appreciated.

The candidate will integrate a research group with two senior researcher and 2-3 PhD and Master students and will be involved in experimental research and academic tuition depending on candidate’s curricula.

Description of work:

The subject of postdoctoral work is related with major technological challenges to develop techniques for the exploitation of resources with low or very low concentrations of valuable substances. Several critical metal ores are characterized by extremely fine dissemination of the metal-bearing minerals, and low property contrasts between these phases and the gangues minerals.

The main objective of the work is to achieve understanding and description of the phenomena based on change of surface and structural properties with decreasing particle size. The work ambition is to develop the methodological and scientific approach for the selection of flotation reagent formulations to ensure the selectivity when the contrast of the separation decreases with decrease of particle size. In the quest for increased separation of the constituent minerals with low reactivity contrasts, the scientific challenges converge towards molecular-scale understanding of the mechanisms of interaction between minerals surface and energy fields and/or flotation regents.

The work program addresses following aspects of these interactions::

Surface speciation of non-sulphides minerals (silicates, carbonates, oxides) under normal and energy grinding/conditioning to model the fine particles behavior and stability in concentrated mineral suspensions.

The postdoctoral fellow will work in close collaboration with two other researcher involved in the Fine Future project, i.e. DFT modelling of mineral/water interface and collector adsorption, and the hydrodynamic enhancement of the fine particles/bubbles attachment.

The complex DFT physics modelling results will be experimentally observed, validated and quantified using surface sensitive measurement techniques including vibrational spectroscopy (FTIR), high resolution microscopy (LEEM, STM and AFM), and chromatography.

Funding: This postdoc position will be funded by the European H2020 “Fine Future” project. “Fine Future” proposes an integrated scientific approach to the understanding, characterization, modelling and processing of fine mineral particles (below 20 µm) by flotation.

Provided documents:

  • list of publications,
  • experience in field, analytical, experimental or modeling approaches
  • project in two-three pages summarizing the main trends in research that the candidate would like to develop.


Applicants should send via email a Curriculum Vitae, Provided documents and the names and email addresses of two references to:

Pr Lev FILIPPOV, lev.filippov@univ-lorraine.fr

Calendar for applying:

  • October 30, 2019 : Deadline for submitting your application
  • Beginning of November 2019: Preliminary review, the candidates will be contacting after being preselected.
  • For definitive selection, an audition of the candidate will be arranged either in Nancy or by video-conference
  • Starting on 07 January 2020, Level of salary: minimum 2200 Euros net/month, depending on the post-doc experience (number of working years in the academic environment since PhD thesis defence date).




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