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MEI Online: Magnetic/Electrical Separation: Latest News: April 27th 2004


:: Eddy Current Separator Now Available In South Africa

In a world of limited resources, recycling is set to become ever more important. Multotec Process Equipment signed a distributorship agreement with Magnapower in April 2003 and officially launched the Eddy Current Separator at the Multotec Group’s Open Day in November 2003.

The machine is used in the recovery of non-ferrous metals from process stream such as aluminium, magnesium, copper, zinc and certain other alloys. Applications in South Africa include the recovery of aluminium fractions from carbon/rock/aluminium mixtures in aluminium smelters, recycling of glass/aluminium mixtures, recovery of metal from shredded waste and others.

"This specialised equipment will enable us to capitalise on the increasing demand for recycling world-wide. To our knowledge, Magnapower is the only manufacturer of these separators in South Africa," Dr Arno Steinmüller, technical manager, gravity concentration division of Multotec Process Equipment, says.

The principle of operation of the magnetic separator is simple. Feed material is transported on a conveyor belt moving over a pulley which houses a high-intensity permanent magnet arrangement which rotates at high speed, generating an alternating magnetic field (primary magnetic field). An electric current (an eddy current) is generated in conductors, which are exposed to this field. The result is a repulsive force between the drum magnet arrangement and the conductor, moving the conductor away from the drum.

"In simpler terms, a lifting force is generated which affects the trajectory of the different particles leaving the belt," Steinmuller says.

The machine is capable of processing particles, which range from 3mm to 150mm. The machine is also adjustable through its variable speed drive for the magnet drum arrangement as well as the conveyor speed.

"Recycling legislation in Europe has resulted in a large demand for eddy current machines. We anticipate a similar trend locally as the industry becomes more conscious of the benefits of recycling," Steinmüller concludes.



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