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MEI Online: Magnetic/Electrical Separation: Latest News: June 22nd 2004


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:: Talc: A New Beginning

Outokumpu Technology has completed the first ever talc installation of a Cryofilter 5T/360 system at an OMYA processing plant in Finland, Mondo Minerals Oy.

The High Gradient Magnetic Separation (HGMS) process has been employed in the kaolin processing industry for decades and for a number of years in the calcium carbonate process industry. Inclusion in talc means that HGMS technology is now employed in all three of the primary white minerals processes.

HGMS processing has typically used stainless steel wire wool as the media,'magnetizedí by the magnet, to provide the trapping sites necessary to capture the color influencing contamination. To meet the challenges of processing the talc slurry, a special matrix medium was configured by the Outokumpu Cryofilter test facility and subsequently refined with pilot plant studies on site. This special matrix configuration is vital to the process.

To white mineral processors, whose products move directly to the paper, paint and ceramics industry, products with high brightness or very low iron contamination is key. Outokumpu Technology has now manufactured over 20 industrial capacity Cryofilter systems forHGMSof slurry materials. Based on a 5Tesla superconducting magnet, these systems offer a high capacity solution to the magnetic particle removal step often employed within a white mineral processing plant.



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