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MEI Online: Magnetic/Electrical Separation: Latest News: March 13th 2007


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:: allmineral Expands its Portfolio

allmineral, a specialist for the beneficiation of mineral raw materials, is expanding its product portfolio: a high-intensity magnetic separator has been added to a product portfolio of wet and dry processing equipment for various raw and waste materials. "The GAUSTEC® magnetic separator is expanding our product range in two ways: it offers a new technology for the separation of materials according to their magnetic properties, and it expands our range of services into the very finest grain sizes«, said Dr. Heribert Breuer. The GAUSTEC® magnetic separator is designed particularly for customers who need to sort not only coarsely granulated materials, but ultra-fine particles as well, which allows finely intergrown ores and minerals to be upgraded.

The strengths of the GAUSTEC® high-intensity magnetic separator are its high separation precision and its enormous flexibility. The unit separates paramagnetic and feebly magnetic minerals of up to 3 mm grain size in a wet separation process with magnetic field strengths of up to 15,000 Gauss. The main application is the enrichment of hematite iron ores; other applications include the extraction of heavy minerals and the separation of undesirable iron contaminants from vitreous sand.

The GAUSTEC® separator has two rotors, one above the other, which move through a magnetic field. Each rotor receives feed at two points. The material to be separated flows into the so-called matrix boxes, which consist of grooved metal plates. Magnetic and paramagnetic particles adhere to these plates in the area of the magnetic field, while non-magnetic materials flow through. In a non-magnetized zone, the adhering particles are washed out of these matrix boxes. The magnetic field strength can be adjusted for each rotor individually, so that the lower rotor can also be used for subsequent cleaning. The GAUSTEC® separator’s throughput rates range from 6 to 200 tons per hour.

"The new magnetic separator is distinguished by its simplicity, flexibility and robust design. The large array of available settings on the machine offer customers the ability to achieve optimal results for various types of material to be separated," said Breuer. The developers put 25 years of experience in the operation of such high-intensity separators to good use in designing the GAUSTEC®. "This experience is visible in numerous details, and is greatly valued by our customers."




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