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MEI Online: Magnetic/Electrical Separation: Latest News: July 23rd 2007


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:: Eriez ‘Charging’ into 2007 with Stronger Magnets

Eriez Magnetics Europe Limited has purchased the world’s largest industrial magnetiser in order to handle their increasing order volume. The major investment of £140,000 follows a period of continued expansion by Europe’s leading magnetic separation equipment supplier, part of the global Eriez Manufacturing group.

The charger will be used to magnetise permanent magnetic assemblies such as the Overband Suspended Permanent Magnets commonly used on mobile crushers. Eriez manufactures over 1,400 Overbands annually and as orders for the products continue to increase, this extra demand can be met.

The key benefit for customers is a 20% increase in magnetic pull without an increase in the selling price. This has been achieved by radically reviewing the magnet design in terms of magnetic materials and charging techniques. These new stronger Overband magnets are available for shipment within one week of order.

Andy Lewis, Managing Director at Eriez Europe, said following the installation: ‘The investment in the charger strengthens our commitment to providing customers with optimum performing products at the greatest value possible. As the company continues to grow, we are constantly looking at ways to improve our products and to sustain our position as market leaders’. The charger is now up and running and brings many key benefits. The energy consumption is 80-90% lower compared to existing chargers, reducing CO2 emissions and further developing the company’s environmental initiatives.

The Capacitive Discharge Magnetiser boasts energies up to 250 kilo Joules (watt seconds), magnetising magnet assemblies of over 1.2m x 0.5m x 0.3m of hard ferrite in a single 20,000 amp pulse, in a magnetising process that takes less than one second.

With a new designated area at the European factory accommodating the colossal 8m x 2m x 1.9m specialist piece of equipment, weighing over 10 tonnes, the charger will result in increased production efficiency and quality for Eriez. Savings in production time are offsetting raw material price increases, consequently ensuring that selling prices can be kept at a competitive level. Equally important is the drive to improve the quality and monitor the magnetic strength of units.

The new charger contains built-in magnet quality testing to ensure that every magnetic assembly is charged at an optimum and the data sorted and monitored. This will aid the continued drive to improve magnetic separator design, in turn giving Eriez’ customers improved products.

The charger is one stage in a series of initiatives being implemented to support the company’s continued growth, both in the UK and European markets.




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