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MEI Online: Magnetic/Electrical Separation: Latest News: March 5th 2008


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:: Eriez Despatches the 4th POWERFLUX

The fourth POWERFLUX Superconducting High Gradient Magnetic Separator left Eriez in February 2008, destined for a site in Europe. The 25-tonne magnet was loaded onto a special semi-low-loader with air ride suspension before leaving for the European mainland.

Eriez Magnetics Europe Ltd specialises in the design and manufacture of high intensity magnetic separation equipment and the POWERFLUX Superconducting HGMS offers the ultimate wet processing solution. The POWERFLUX is already installed to purify kaolin and is also ideally suited for processing different types of clay, calcium carbonate, fine silica sands and other mineral slurries.

The POWERFLUX removes weakly magnetic contaminants from mineral slurries. In operation, mineral slurry is fed upwards from the bottom of the central canister and passes through a specially designed stainless steel matrix. The high intensity magnetic field, generated by the cryogen-free superconducting coil, is focused into the matrix resulting in magnetically susceptible particles being captured and held. Following a set period of processing, the feed is then stopped, the magnet turned off and the matrix flushed to remove entrapped magnetic particles. The cycle is then repeated.

Significantly, the POWERFLUX is the only cryogen-free Superconducting Magnet presently available. Presently, many other superconducting magnets used for mineral processing consume large quantities of helium. In the current climate, where helium reserves are diminishing and helium costs are escalating, many mineral processors only want to consider a cryogen-free magnet; or else, the operating costs of the Superconducting Magnet will continue to rise at an unpredictable rate.

The latest unit despatched is a model PX15-1000, having a background magnetic field of 1.5 Tesla and a central bore diameter of 1m. Incredibly, research has shown that the POWERFLUX with a background field of 1.5 Tesla can achieve the same level of separation as other magnets operating with 5 Tesla. This phenomenon continues to surprise mineral processors, but the test results speak for themselves.

The initial separation tests for this fourth project were conducted in the Eriez laboratory in the UK. Controlled tests provide enough information to provide customers with performance guarantees.

The fourth POWERFLUX will be labelled with the number AS-4 in recognition and memory of Dr. Adam Stadtmuller who passed away in 2002. It was Dr. Stadtmuller who contacted Eriez with the idea of developing a cryogen-free Superconducting Magnet for mineral processing as he foresaw the longer term problems of using helium. Eriez then developed the technology for application in an industrial environment.

The 4th POWERFLUX is testament to the three existing successful installations. Presently, Eriez are working with many mineral processing companies across the world that are looking to enhance the quality of their mineral reserves by processing with a POWERFLUX.




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