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MEI Online: Magnetic/Electrical Separation: Latest News: February 16th 2010


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:: Self Leveling Wet Drum Separators Ideal for Fluctuating Feed Rates and Volumes

Five self leveling wet drum separators have been commissioned at New Clydesdale Coal by Multotec Magnetics, and are achieving 99.1 % efficiency at this Exxaro mine which exports 95% of its coal product.

Developed and introduced to the South African market by Multotec Magnetics, these self leveling wet drum separators are capable of handling fluctuating flow rates and were considered suitable for the New Clydesdale Coal plant as feed rates vary to the plant. The mine was started in 1949 and the coal washing plants are ten years old.

Mark Whitter, New Clydesdale Coal plant manager, says that magnetite is used as a medium to separate coal at the plant and the old separators were no longer considered to be efficient.

“After the separation process, the waste and product pass over drain and rinse screens where it is sprayed with rinse water and the effluent sent to the magnetic separators to recover the magnetite for reuse," he explains. “The magnetite consumption was high as a result of the age of the previous magnetic separators, and the magnets were starting to decay.

The mine took a decision to install new separators instead of repairing the old machines. Whittier says that a numbers of factors including financial aspects were considered prior to making the final decision.

“Although cost was an important consideration other factors such as technical service and support were also critical issues for us," Whittier says. “Multotec Magnetics was able to offer superior technical support, both during installation and commissioning."

The 550 tph plant, which operates 24 hours a day, six days a week, is split into three different modules with the magnetic separators installed in all three modules.

The five locally manufactured magnetic separators supplied by Multotec Magnetics had different sizes. The machines have been installed in the exact positions where the old units were and were tied into the existing launders and tanks as a continuous part of the process.

Dr Arno Steinmuller, general manager Multotec Magnetics says that the self leveling magnetic drum separators were seen as an important addition to the company’s product range and gives customers the option of a magnetic separator to suit individual applications.

“These separators are suitable for plants with inconsistent feed rates due to plant blockages or water quality issues. If the volumetric flow rate has the potential for fluctuating then a self levelling magnetic drum separator is a more forgiving device and will prevent the loss of pulp level in the tank and the losses of magnetite," he says.

“The new units were installed in July 2009 and are performing to our expectations," Whitter says. “In addition, to the high efficiency being achieved the machines are easy to maintain due to the direct drives which are far more user friendly than the old system of chain drives," he concludes.




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