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MEI Online: Magnetic/Electrical Separation: Latest News: July 3rd 2013


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:: Eriez’s New Eccentric Eddy Current Separator Rotor offers the Greatest “Fines” Recovery


Eriez, world leading authority in magnetic separation announce the release a new rotor design for its RevX-E® eddy current separator, Eriez’ most recent addition to its extensive line of recycling equipment. The new design of the eccentric magnetic rotor brings the greatest recovery of valuable non ferrous metals for application in automobile shredding, glass cullet, plastics, electronic scrap, co-mingled recyclable, wood and incineration ash applications.

Resulting from extensive research and development, the Eriez eccentric rotor design offers the highest performance on the market in terms of material displacement and reliability. Eriez new eddy current rotor has been proven by independent third-party testing to throw aluminium “fines” nearly 20% farther than the leading supplier of eccentric eddy current separator. This ensures a high recovery of valuable metals that would normally go to landfill as well as allowing the end user to have a high grade metal product.

The new ECS design features a smaller diameter magnetic rotor offset at the top of a larger outer shell. The strong eddy current then repels the non-ferrous parts (aluminium, copper, brass, zinc) with the maximum efficiency whilst allowing the release of ferrous particles from the belt. This is critical to ensure that the eddy current separator remains reliable.

The change in rotor design and overall improvements in the Eriez RevX-E eddy current separator creates several advantages and benefits such as:

  • Rare Earth rotor produces a powerful focused field, allowing greater recovery of nonferrous metal
  • Rotor position is adjustable for optimum separation
  • Eccentric design reduces long-term wear from ferrous accumulation on the belt
  • Compact design requires less space and is easier to install in most plant operations

Access panels are conveniently located for easy servicing Eriez manufactures two styles of eccentric ECS, one for fine material typically smaller than 25mm and a second unit designed for more coarse materiel over 25mm up to 150mm. Although the selection of eddy current separators depends on so many factors such as product size, percentage of conductive material, product temperature, throughput of the machine, etc. that Eriez experienced engineering team work with the recycler to ensure the most efficient is specified for the application.

Eriez Europe will be presented and demonstrating the RevX-E equipped with the new rotor on its stand 19P19-N18 at the RWM show in Birmingham - September 9-12, 2013.




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