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MEI Online: Materials Handling: Latest News: November 7th 2003

:: Lightweight Chemfab Weaves A Durable Solution to Heavy Process System Demands  

The Chemfab series of PTFE coated fabrics and conveyor belts from specialist supplier Dotmar Heatbelts are specifically developed for low friction, easy release, non-stick and heat-sealing operations.

The durable but lightweight materials have properties so enduring that the list of uses facilitated by Dotmar Heatbelts now reaches virtually every process industry, says the company. Chemfab fabrics and conveyor belts are used in process systems of industries including chemical processing, electrical, food processing, baking, manufacturing, screen printing, packaging, aerospace, mineral processing and defence.

“Industry is quickly turning to this material as it is almost impossible to extract such remarkable performance properties from traditional materials," said Manager of Dotmar Heatbelts, Mr Lance Bergroth. “What we have in Chemfab is a product range that exhibits the proven performance characteristics of either PTFE or silicone but has a weight equivalent to that of a fabric.

Chemfab products are resistant to most chemicals, have high dielectric strength, extreme thermal range, exceptional dimensional stability, outstanding fire resistance, low shrinkage and flex resistance.

“As a heat resistant conveying or sealing material, a Chemfab product is effective over a wide temperature band ranging from –150°C to +260°C, therefore providing long-term benefits," said Mr Bergroth.

As an industrial belting fabric, Chemfab products provide weight and energy savings in various ways. Low mass and layout weight results in less power consumption, outstanding heat transfer properties enable lower levels of energy absorption than conventional materials, and low surface static allows easy release for better product quality.

From Chemfab materials, Dotmar Heatbelts has supplied specialised applications including chute linings, heat sealing jaw covers, covers for platens, rollers and dryer cans, drying oven curtains, splash curtains and aprons, mandrel covers, weigh pan covers, insulation gaskets, trough and tray liners.




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