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MEI Online: Materials Handling: Latest News: May 12th 2008


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:: Bateman Engineering’s Largest Diameter JPC Supplied to Date

The largest-diameter Japan Pipe Conveyor (JPC) to be supplied anywhere in the world by Bateman Engineered Technologies (a division of Bateman Engineering) has been delivered to Tecno Moageira S.A. for a large alumina-production plant in northern Brazil. The JPC, the first to be supplied by Bateman Engineered Technologies to Brazil, is also one of the largest-diameter ever supplied by any company.

This turnkey contract was placed in January 2007 and delivered by the end of the year. Bateman Engineered Technologies supplied all of the engineering-design drawings and proprietary and specialised components from South Africa and arranged for the supply of the JPC’s Bridgestone belt. Manufacture of the structures and some mechanical components of the JPC was then co-ordinated by Tecno Moageira S.A., who are also responsible for the installation and commissioning, under the supervision of engineering personnel from Bateman Engineered Technologies.

The JPC will convey 2,500 t/h of alumina (Al2O3) from the plant to a ship out-loading station, located some distance offshore.

The conveyor is a total length of 776 m, will travel at 2.75 m/sec, and folds into a pipe 700 mm in diameter. The JPC will partially be situated on top and alongside an existing gantry housing several conventional belt conveyors. The client opted for a JPC because of space constraints inside the existing gantry as well as the ability of the JPC to be curved.

This meant that the JPC would be able to fit into the existing plant layout without requiring any additional transfer points. The JPC also provided an environmentally-friendly concept, as the Al2O3 will be carried within a closed pipe that not only protects it, but also prevents the Al2O3 from contaminating the surrounds.




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